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Exercise Ball Workout

The Perfect Exercise Equipment for Abs Workouts

The Perfect Exercise Equipment for Abs Workouts

Exercises You Can Do To Strengthen Ab Muscles Without Buying Exercise Equipment

Before Buying an Abdominal (Abs) Exercise Equipment

Want a lean hard body? Read on to know more about abdominal exercise equipments…

bes Why cannot I have a six-pack? Here is a little disclosure to have a six-pack. First step to obtain a perfect abs is the realization of the fact that doing hundreds of crunches and sit-ups is not the way to sculpt your abs to perfection. And all you need is to buy some kind of abdominal exercise equipment first.

Let us deal with the matter one by one. We all know that only buying abdominal exercise equipment will not help us reach the goal as it requires tremendous passion coupled with a lot of discipline in food habits and regime and of course proper abs exercises to achieve the goal.

Abs Exercises:

Moment of truth…abs exercises do not burn fat away from your abs. Six pack can only be accomplished through a much more effective full body training routine, which maximizes both your metabolic response and your hormonal response to the workouts. A good abs exercise regime involves high intensity muscular overload and progressive increase in intensity. Abdominal exercises must be designed in such a fashion that the back is adequately supported and help strengthen the entire abdominal region. Some exercises will tend towards developing either the upper or lower abdominal region only and hence should be avoided. Different trainers for the development of a firm abdominal advice exercises which are as listed below:
  • Crunches - While lying on your back and knees bent try to lift your shoulders off the floor. The main emphasis is on moving the ribs towards the hips.
  • Reverse Curls - While lying on your back, bend the knees towards the chest. Keeping your hips on the floor, try to contract all your abdominal muscles at the same time.
  • Leg raises - these are of two types, single leg raise which involves raising one leg from the floor and the double leg raise which involves raising both legs from the floor at the same time and this works as an abdominal muscle exercise. The leg raises are ideal lower abdominal exercise.
  • Abdominal exercise with the ball - The stability ball is an effective training device for the abdominal and lower back.
  • Bicycling - It was ranked as the t abs exercise by the American Council on Exercise. Bicycling with the abs muscles pulled does great things for your abs.
  • Planks - You need to position yourself for a pushup and hold the pose at the same time one should ensure that the body is in one long, straight line from head to toes.
  • Captain’s chair - This abdominal exercise involves standing on a gym chair and gripping the handholds. Keeping the back straight press the back against the head pad and slowly lift the knees towards your chest.
  • Some stomach exercise - Stomach exercise program would include the forward flexion exercises such as sit-ups and crunches or side flexion exercises such as side crunches and side bends and rotational exercises such as trunk rotations and standing twists.
Abdominal exercise equipment:

Abs exercise equipment is something that we see being advertised in long and convincing infomercials everyday. The truth is, you will have to do it yourself and your efforts coupled with abdominal exercise equipment will be more noticeable. Abs belts, abs-rockers, abs-loungers are some of the equipments, however it is best to do some proper research and consultation with the trainers in order to select the best equipments as per your needs.

Buying tips for abdominal exercise equipment:

 Celebrity endorsements are just a way to deceive you into buying fancy equipment that you may not need. One should do some research on abdominal exercise machines and workout equipment before actually buying the equipment. One can find many good deals on the Internet, and can also learn about various products. Checking the safety features of the fitness equipment is advisable. There should not be any inherent safety violations. The equipment selected must be easy to move and easily detachable.

It is also wise that before attempting any rigorous fitness schedules at home with the newly acquired fitness equipment, one should consult a doctor regarding any injuries and medical conditions. Once purchased, protect the investment and follow the manufacturers’ maintenance suggestions. All said and done the bottom line is any piece of exercise equipment is a good choice if one uses it.

Abdominal exercises can help in gaining stronger stomach muscles and back muscles. It can also reduce the likelihood of back pains and provide protection against injury by efficient response to stress. I hope you are not going to lie to yourself now, getting fit and losing fat around the tummy is not a hard work and you can definitely have a six-pack. It is a clich but it is a fact that if you can dream it, you can achieve it.

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