You Don’t have to Reach Your Goals to Feel Good About Exercising

You Don’t have to Reach Your Goals to Feel Good About Exercising

A new study has found that you don’t have to actually get physically fit in order to feel good about yourself when it comes to exercise, and then people that don’t achieve their fitness or weight loss goals still feel good about themselves due to simply doing a little exercise rather that dedicating serious time to fitness.

by a UF exercise psychologist, Heather Hausenblas, has been published in the Journal of Health Psychology, and is the first to analyse the wider range of effects that exercise can have on things like body image and self confidence.

The study at the University of Florida The study was conducted by examining evidence from 57 different intervention studies, and concluded that exercise changed how people feel about their bodies despite the fact the results weren’t always what they were expecting. The duration, intensity or type of exercise made no difference, and only the frequency at which the exercise was performed seemed to matter..

The study found that that was was no difference in improvement of body image between people who exercised 30 minutes a day, every day of the week and those did not. Apparently this applies to both men and women, although the body image is slightly more improved for women than men.

“Body dissatisfaction is a huge problem in our society and is related to all sorts of negative behaviour including yo-yo dieting, smoking, taking steroids and undergoing cosmetic surgery” Said Hausenblas.

“It affects men and women and all ages, starting with kids who are as young as five years old saying they don’t like how their bodies look.”

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