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6 Cutting tips from bodybuilders

Bodybuilding cut diet – The perfect plan

Bodybuilding cut diet – The perfect plan

Before we move onto giving you a bodybuilding cut diet, we feel that it is necessary that we give you a few pointers that usually tend to escape the attention of the majority and thus leads to them committing a few grave errors. First of all, you need to understand that your body has a certain requirement of nutrients that it requires to properly function. Starving yourself in order to cut down is always detrimental. Your body needs food and you must fulfill this requirement in a smart way..

Another thing is that if you devour a huge meal at one time of the day and not eat anything for the rest, your body will not be able to perform its activities properly. You need to divide your diet into portions throughout the day so that it does not suffer from lack of energy at any particular time. If you undergo routine workouts, you will have to increase the amount of nutrients that you intake as the requirements of your body are increased. Keep your body well hydrated as you go about your bodybuilding cut diet.

 The proper plan

When it comes to a bodybuilding cut diet, you need to formulate a proper plan. A plan wherein there is adequate amount of all the nutrients, a plan wherein a large amount of protein is incorporated while a restriction is maintained on the caloric intake.

What to eat?

As we mentioned earlier that when you undertake a bodybuilding cutting diet, you need to make your body well prepared for the workouts that you will be doing. You have to restrict the amount of calories entering your body and still ensure that the nutrients are not compromised.

Fruits and vegetables

One way to do so is to ensure that you incorporate a large number of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Fruits like grapefruits, watermelon, berries and oranges are considered to be the most apt for those who wish to cut down their weight. Among the vegetables, green leafy ones including broccoli, spinach and lettuce are considered to be most beneficial.


Before you start your bodybuilding cutting diet, you need to calculate your BMR. This will ensure that you do not lose more than what your body can bear. You will come to know regarding the amount of caloric intake that you need to maintain for your body to function properly.

Exercise quotient

Calculate the amount of exercise you will perform in a day and the amount of calories that you intend to burn. Your caloric intake should not exceed the amount you burn.

Keep your body energized

Since you are going to do strenuous workouts and exercise, your body should be well energized at all times. Have a nutritious protein drink half an hour before your workout and eat something after the workout so that you do not feel drained. Make sure that you have something to eat before you head off to sleep. A glass of milk will suffice.

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