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Top 5 World’s Biggest Bodybuilder

1# Ronnie Coleman:

Top 5 World’s Biggest Bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman

Certainly the best and world’s biggest bodybuilder ever produced by America, Coleman is as much muscular as his giant body looks like. He is a kind of bodybuilder who reinvented the entire field of bodybuilding. Ronnie Coleman is being idolized as an inspirational bodybuilder among the youth. He holds the record of eight consecutive wins for the Mr. Olympia championship along with another bodybuilder Lee Haney. He also holds the most wins records in IFBB professional championships with 25 trophies.

Personal Info:
Born                      :               13th May, 1964 – Age 49
Birth Place           :               Louisiana, United States of America
Height                   :               1.80m or 5ft 11’’
Weight                  :               Ranges between 297 pounds to 300 pounds (135 – 150 Kg)
Pro-Debut           :               World Amateur Championship 1992 IFBB
Best Win              :               1998 – 2005 Mr. Olympia IFBB
Predecessor       :               Dorian Yates
Successor            :               Jay Cutler
Active                   :               Since  1990

2# Gunter Schlierkamp:

Top 5 World’s Biggest Bodybuilder Gunter Schlierkamp

Gunter Schlierkamp : It would be no wrong to label Gunter as a smiley bodybuilder arouse right from the heart of Germany. He is currently practicing his work out programs in America that is because he migrated from Germany for the sake of marriage with an American named Carmen Jourst. He is truly admired as one the world’s biggest bodybuilder to date. Many young up comers in the field of bodybuilding purely idolize Schlierkamp as their inspiration. He also holds the triumph for GNC Show of Strength held in 2002.

Personal Info:

Nickname            :               The German Giant
Official Web page:           www.gunters.net
Birth Place           :               Olfen, Germany
Marital Status    :               Divorced in 2003 From Carmen Jourst; Currently Married With Kim Lyons
Born                      :               2nd February, 1970
Height                   :               6ft & 1” or 1.85m
Weight                 :               Ranges between 295 – 330 pounds
Pro – Debut        :               1993’s World Amateur Championship IFBB
Best Win              :               GNS Show Of Strength IFBB,2002 (Stood 1st)
Predecessor       :               None
Successor            :               Dexter Jackson
Active                   :               from 1990

3# Markus Ruhl :

Top 5 World’s Biggest Bodybuilder Markus Ruhl

Markus Ruhl : Undoubtedly, a ridiculously muscular giant who always stood 1st,2nd or 3rd in the bodybuilding championships. Although, he didn’t able to triumph much of the contests but still had given tough times to his competitors and managed to secure any of the top 3 positions, mostly. Markus Ruhl is highly admired among the bodybuilders for his attractive and appealing defined shoulders, chest and upper body. Markus Ruhl name will be marked in the history with proud and pride as the strongest bodybuilder as he never missed a single day of bench pressing for over 6000 pounds.

Personal Info:

Born                      :               22nd February, 1972
Birth Place           :               Darmstadt, Germany
Height                   :               5ft & 10in, or 1.78m
Weight                 :               Ranges between 270 – 320 pounds (124 – 146 Kg)
Arm Size              :               60.95cm or 24in
Leg Size                                :               84cm or 33in
Waist Size            :               96cm or 38in
Chest Size           :               153cm or 60in
Best Win (s)        :               > 2002 Night Of Champions (1st)
>Toronto Pro – 2000 (1st)

4# Kai Greene:
Top 5 World’s Biggest Bodybuilder Kai Greene

 Kai Greene : One of the world renowned strongest bodybuilders out there famously known for his ultimate dreadlocks and rhythmic routines posing that itself is something unique from the bodybuilding point of view, Kai has got well defined, attractive, appealing and well shaped legs and back body. Due to extra ordinary muscular power in lower body, Kai shoot to world’s biggest bodybuilders within no time.

Personal Info:

Born                      :               12th July, 1975 – Age 38
Birth Place           :               Brooklyn, New York
Nickname            :               The Predator
Height                   :               5ft & 8in, Or 1.73m
Weight                 :               Ranges between 245 pounds to 300 pounds
Pro – Debut        :               NY Pro IFBB 2005
Best Win              :               Arnold Classic 2009 & Arnold Classic 2010
Arm Size              :               23in or 59cm
Leg Size                                :               34in or 86cm
Chest Size           :               58in or 148cm
Active                   :               Yes

5# Dorian Yates:

     Dorian Yates : an English bodybuilder who has done a lot to get enrolled in worlds’ biggest bodybuilders of today. He’s also known as The Shadow. Yates is one of few bodybuilders who have taken massive work out schedules and intense training sessions in order to build their muscular bodies. Dorian from the day one was hopeful to bring revolutionary changes in the entire body shape through bodybuilding. Because of his ultimate determination, commitment, hard ships and strength, Dorian Yates brought multiple Mr Olympia to his name. Yates is the only world class bodybuilder ever produced by The Great Britain. He is among few of those bodybuilders who have won Mr. Olmypia title for the six consecutive years. He could have triumphed more Mr.Olympia titles as well but couldn’t sustain his career due to fatal injuries to his body. Doctors highly suggested him to take full time rest and quit bodybuilding else he wouldn’t be able to survive any more minutes.

    Personal Info:

    Born                      :               19th April, 1962 – Age (51)
    Birth Place           :               Walmley, England
    Nickname            :               The Shadow
    Height                   :               5 ft & 9.5 in , or 1.77m
    Weight                 :               Ranges between 235 pounds to 290 pounds (110 Kg – 132 Kg)
    Pro – Debut        :               1990 Night of Champions
    Best Win              :              Mr. Olympia 92 – 97 IFBB  for the six consecutive times
    Arm Size              :               21in or 53cm
    Leg Size                                :               30in or 77cm
    Calve Size            :               22in or 56cm
    Chest Size           :               57in or 145cm
    Active                   :               57in or 145cm

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