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Bodybuilding Diet Guidelines for Beginners Male & Female

 Bodybuilding Diet Guidelines for Beginners Male & Female

The beginning of your bodybuilding phase is important for developing muscles and gaining strength.  When you begin your training, your body adjusts quickly to weight lifting and develops muscles at a faster rate. Your weight increases approximately 2 pounds every month. To gain maximum benefits, you need to follow a strict diet plan. Following are the essential guidelines for a bodybuilding diet for beginners.
 Bodybuilding Diet Guidelines for Beginners Male & Female

Limit Your Calories Intake

The major part of bodybuilding is calorie intake as per your body requirements. For developing mass, you need to consume approximately 21 calories per pound of body weight daily. It means an individual with 150 pound weight needs calories between 3,100 and 3,400 calories daily for gaining weight. If you consume less calories and burn more calories, your body will not develop new muscles. It is recommended that you reduce your intake on non-training days. You should focus on gaining 18 pounds on non-training days. It means an individual with 150 pound weight needs to consume 2,700 calories on a non-training day.

Begin Your Day with a Big Breakfast

Start your day with a complete and healthy breakfast. Include eggs, oats and vegetable omelettes in your breakfast. A sandwich and whole-grain bread is also a good option. When you are in a hurry, try yogurt, almond butter and a chopped banana. It provides you with an ideal bodybuilding diet for a beginner’s workout.

 Bodybuilding Diet Guidelines for Beginners Male & Female

Include Protein in Your Diet

Include a minimum of 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight daily in your diet. Protein contains amino acids that are essential for developing body muscles.  Although studies show that athletes consume double the amount of proteins, it is recommended for beginners to consume 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight for the initial 6 months. It means a person with 180 pound weight needs to consume a minimum of 270 grams each day.

Bodybuilding Diet Guidelines for Beginners Male & Female

Eat Constantly After Short Intervals

Eat after every 2-3 hours daily to ensure proper supply of energy throughout the day. The key is to make sure you intake the same amount of meal throughout the day. For instance, if you consumed a 100-calorie breakfast, it is highly unlikely to eat another meal after 2 hours. It results in weight gain. Consuming more calories results in increased body fat. Eat a minimum of six meals in a day and gradually increase it up to eight meals in a day. An individual with 180 pound weight would consume 550-600 calories per meal.

Drink Protein Shakes

Consuming protein shakes are an important aspect of bodybuilding. It is an easy and quick way to intake calories and proteins. If your schedule is busy and hectic, drinking protein shakes is useful. Consuming a high calorie shake is highly recommended by trainers. Take calorie shakes once or twice in a day if you don’t have time for complete and solid meals or if you are struggling to include high calorie foods in your meal.

Follow the above bodybuilding diet if you are a beginner and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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