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How to get Bulky Shoulder Muscles With Smith Machine Style

How to get Bulky Shoulder Muscles With Smith Machine Style

The greater the mass, the greater the force. Force implies power. That’s a fundamental theory in physics. Every fitness fan dreams of having powerful shoulder muscles. Super star athletes and body builders alike attract attention with their iron-hard and gigantic shoulders- commonly called delts or deltoids.

How will you increase the size of these three sets of muscles in your shoulder? The answer to that lies on your motivation and your choice of tool. Building a particular set of muscle needs a particular discipline. With proper motivation and mind set, your goal of having superior shoulders is possible. Hence, you also need the proper equipment to pair up with your mission. When you hit the gym, the most reliable shoulder exercise tool is the Smith Machine. It is a classic tool. It was invented in the 50’s and since then it has remained as a gym buddy.
Why Smith Machine? 

Unlike an ordinary barbell, the Smith machine is secured since you can put it in a rack after a set of repetitions. No need for a spotter.There is also an option to adjust it so it automatically stops the barbell at a specific height. That is a steady security feature to lessen any unwanted injuries while building your shields

Why Smith Machine?

Sitting Military press.

As the name goes, the exercise is included on some Military trainings and conditional programs. This is the basic set for the shoulder.All the muscles of the deltoids work hard in the press. The military press is the determining factor of upper body strength.
The Smith Machine comes hand in hand with the military press.
The proper way.

Prepare your bench on the Smith Machine. You can choose your own preferred seat. Either with or without back support.

Using the Smith Machine while seated increases your ability to use only your deltoid muscle since your legs can’t push the weight and you can’t lean back. So your deltoid will carry the greater portion of impact, which is essential in growing the muscles.

From the rack of the machine, place your grip on the barbell about two inches on each side wider than your shoulders. Ensure that your forearms are on a 90 degree angle to the ground at the mid point. Press up slowly and smoothly. Feel the pressure on your deltoid. You can try to make 8 to 12 reps and 3 to 4 sets. Just allow your muscle to relax a bit to avoid fatigue.

Behind the Neck

Once you are comfortable with the military press, you can switch to behind the neck.

Since you are seated in front of the Smith Machine, behind the neck is safer to accomplish. Your lower back will not carry the whole weight. This particular press has a great effect on your traps, upper pectorals and triceps.

There are many ways to lift or press the barbell. You can pile up the plates to add weight. You can increase the number of reps and sets. Just make sure that you do it right and safe. Never miss the Smith Machine. It is your friend to great mean-machine bulky shoulders.

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