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How to build your body with nutrients and sports nutrition

To build up your body with nutrients, you have to maintain two important stuffs like bodybuilding nutrition guide and sports nutrition which will help you to remain healthy with absolute fitness and another component like the nutrition of sport provides you the huge eligibility of your bodybuilding. Here I describe about the necessity of these two materials.Bodybuilding nutrition and sports nutrition.

First of all, the nutrition guide consists of three essential elements. To maintain a healthy body, it will act as like protein, carbohydrate and low fat.
Bodybuilding nutrition guide as protein:
  1. Chicken Breast:
# Protein in 100g = 30g

#Protein in half breast (306g) = 92g

#Protein to calorie ratio= 1g protein per 4.5 calories.

1. Fish (Tuna, Salmon, Halibut)

Protein in 100g = 26g

3oz fillet (85g) = 22g

Protein to calorie ratio = 1g protein per 4.5 calories.
  1.     Cheese
Protein in 100g = 32g

Protein in 1oz slice (85g) = 22g

Protein to calorie ratio = 1g protein per 4.5g calories.
  1.     Pork Loin (Chops)
Protein in 100g = 25g

Protein in 5oz slice (136g) = 31g

Protein in calorie ratio= 1g protein per 5.2 calories.

Lean beef and Veal (Low in fat)   
Protein in 100g = 36g

Protein in 3oz slice (85g) = 31g

Protein in calorie ratio = 1g protein per 5.3 calories.
Bodybuilding nutrition guide as Low fat: 

    Light tuna fish.
    Egg whites.
    Angel Food Cake.
    Baked potatoes.
    White Bread.
    Vegetable Soup.
    Chicken Soup with Rice.
What is Sports Nutrition
Sports Nutrition is the practice and study of diet and nutrition which is related to athletic performance and it deals with the quantity of foods, nutrition and supplements with other organic substances like protein, carbs and fats, minerals which is taken by the athletes. It is most commonly considered as the part of bodybuilding and endurance sports. An athlete has to take a lot of protein, mineral and carbs in order to increment the capability and strength of his body.
Creatine is also considered an important element as it helps to enhance the performance and capabilitu of exercise and strength in the field of sports nutrition. Protein like glutamin, triptofan, amphetamine help to rise the fitness and efficiency of an athlete. On the other hand, starch and non-starch carbohydrate spreads a vital preface on controlling the sugar level of our blood that is needed to keep compatible of our body. So with the help of sports nutrition, we can easily build up a powerful, strong and potential body.

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