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Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding diet

Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding diet Arnold Schwarzenegger  believed in taking a potential and dynamic diet

 Arnold Schwarzenegger  believed in taking a potential and dynamic diet. He avoided the junk food all the time and he preferred the food with high quality and nutrients. Sometimes he took a lot of calories and sometimes not, only for balancing the level of calories in his body. The most common rule of Arnold Schwarzenegger is, a bodybuilder must need to take 5-10 g/kg of protein per day and 1-2 gm/kg of protein for general people in everyday to keep the body fit and strong.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger preferred to take natural food instead of junk food and fast food. He believed that natural food contains a lot of protein, calcium and nutrients. The other vital reason of taking natural food was the faster digesting quality.
  •  He was fond of taking a lot of protein to retain his body fit and well. For that reason, he took small diets every 3 hours. That small diet contained a lot of protein which helped to remove his fat and provided much more energy of his body.
  • He mixed two types of calories like high and light calories for providing a well digestive metabolism in his body.
  •  He used to eat the whole egg, meat and fish most of the time. He told that chicken and beef plays a vital role to build up an exact body and he included one glass of protein shake on his everyday diet plan. He said that fish oil contains a lot of Vitamin D which we get from salmon fish and taking two salmon fish/week helps to keep our heart fresh and decent serving of amino acid and protein. If heart remains fresh, it helps to grow our muscle by providing necessary oxygen and nutrients.

  • According to his assumption, sleeping is the major thing of building a body absolutely. A bodybuilder should need to sleep at least 8 hours per day to refresh his brain and body which is important to develop the muscle and it helps to refresh the mind too. 
  • After his workout, he used to eat some carbs. He told that for increasing our protein limit without cooking carb plays a major role because it contains a lot of protein which is very necessary. 
  • Most of the time, Arnold Schwarzenegger used to take beef and pork instead of taking fish and meat because beef and pork contains a lot of protein and calcium rather than fish and meat.
  • He took small meals 5-6 times a day.
  • He used his total workout plan four days per week only for taking rest. He believed that to build a perfect body, there is no replacement of rest. He told that a bodybuilder should need to take rest in order to grow and repair his muscle after workout.

  • In conclusion, from the above, it can be seen that Arnold Schwarzenegger maintained a systematic rules of dieting for building up his body as well as to be a famous bodybuilder and finally he achieved the success.

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