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Natural Bodybuilding Without Supplements or Steroids

Natural Bodybuilding Without Supplements or Steroids

To put on more muscle mass by working out and implementation one’s diet, bodybuilding is working as an act of marking up muscle. It can be referred to as hard gaining. It can be done for competitive sport, personal betterment and mostly for recreation. It is one kind of sport which is judged basing on the physical appearance and demonstration. Though, Olympic simply takes it as a game, It met some resistance in several sectors where they can’t agree to take it as a game. They designate it as the non- actual sport as because the contest is non-athletic.

1. Some people think that it’s really very impossible to build a perfect body without supplements or steroids. But they don’t know that bodybuilding is still possible without supplements and steroids and it has a great impact on our life too.

2. If you want to build your body without supplements you must have to know few things like how much food you need to cook, pack and eat. Without supplements, food must contain a lot of protein and calories for ensuring the plenty of amino acid and glucose which is very necessary to support the workout program and to increase the size of muscle.
2. Around 1.5g protein/kg increasing body weight where 400-750 calories maximize muscle gains. 6oz of beef contains 350 calories with 48g protein where 6oz of chicken contains 280 calories with 54g protein and finally 6oz of salmon fish contains 350 calories with 38g protein. Besides two salmon/week helps to keep heart healthy and decent serving of protein. We get fish oil from salmon fish which contains vitamin D.

3. Calcium rich food contains a lot of protein and calcium which enhances the capacity of muscle and as a result it will be easier to take heavier weights. Drink skim milk/cup contains 90 calories with 9g protein where ½ cup low fat cottage cheese contains 14g protein with 80 calories and ½ cup calcium fortified tofu contains 20g protein with 183 calories.

4. The yolk of the egg should be avoided and the white part of the egg can be eaten with chili, soup which is so delicious and important for health. Choose whole grain crabs like beans, lentils and whole white pasta contains protein and crabs. Protein of whole grain is very important to increase our protein limit without cooking
5. White rice and baked potatoes are absorbed quickly with your blood which helps to enhance the glycogen level and so the growth of muscle.

6. Without steroid means basically taking food which is high in protein, low in crabs, low fat intake, giving alcohol and fatty foods. A person have to go to gym 4days/week and he should involve on sporting and also follow the industries where they did not take any steroids and maintain a very exceptional routine.

In sum up, it can be seen that bodybuilding without steroids and supplements is quite easy to maintain and also helpful and have a great influence in our health as well as our life.

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