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Best Weight Lifting Exercises for Shoulders

There are many classes of Weight Lifting Exercises for Shoulder

There are many classes of Weight Lifting Exercises for Shoulder. The Weight Lifting Techniques for shoulder should be maintained properly. This exercise helps us to prevent various types of shoulder injuries which will be the biggest problem for the development of our body properly.
There are many classes of Weight Lifting Exercises for Shoulder

Here I will discuss about the most important issue like Weight Lifting Exercises for Shoulder Impingement. A lot of exercise will be found for this intention. They are as follows:
Bench Press:
# Narrow hand spacing.
  1.     Its BIACROMIAL width is no wider than 1.5 times.
  2.     While pressing, minimize the torque of top shoulder.
  3.     It also reduces anterior rotator cuff.
  4.     Posterior rotator cuff can also be reduced by it.
  5.     The abduction of the shoulder should maintain less than 45 degree.
  6.     At the distal clavicle, reduces all the compressive force.
Additional Recommendation for Bench Press
  1.      You need to maintain the extension of shoulder at less than 15 degree.
  2.     To the xiphoid process, there is a bar. It is called the ‘touch point’. It is superior for decreasing the net torque of the shoulder.
Overhead Grip:

  •     Basically it’s a pronated position.
  •     Internal rotation from under acromion moves biceps tendon.
  • Underhand Grip:
    1.     It’s one kind of supinated position.
    2.     Here a motion can be found named pressing motion.
    3.     During that motion, places long head of biceps under the acromion.
    4.     Away from the acromion, Supraspinatus is turned posteriorly.
    No Incline Bench Press:
    1.     The initial step is to place the person in “HIGH 5” shoulder position.
    2.     It should be 90 Degree of shoulder abduction and 90 Degree of shoulder external rotation.
    3.     Places increased stress on ANTEROINFERIOR shoulder on the middle with increased strain.
    4.     Places increased stress on ANTERIOR shoulder on the GLENOHUMERAL ligament complex.
    Bench Press: Instability of Posterior Shoulder:
    1.     It’s one kind of grip.
    2.     The grip consists of wide bar.
    3.     Need to keep 80 degree angle between the arms and forearms.
    4.     There are some strain on the posterior shoulder which can be decreased by that.
    5.     Humeral head in the GLENOID FOSA consists the approximation which is structural.
    No Decline Bench Press
    1.     Like the bench press it’s also one kind of grip.
    2.     The grip is wide.
    3.     At the start of concentric phase, horizontal abduction >15 degree.
    4.     At the ending position, horizontal abduction is < 20 degree.
    5.     For all kinds of lifts, “HANDOFFS” is very mandatory.
    The modification of front shoulder press :
    There are many classes of Weight Lifting Exercises for Shoulder
    front shoulder press
    1.     Flexion of 60, 90 and 120 degree.
    2.     Each angle consists of 6 to 12 reps.
    3.     For each rep, ISOMARIC hold for 5 seconds.
    4.     For this exercise, bar rests on SC & ADM.
    5.     Hands are placed little than the width of shoulder and final bar position is directly overhead with arms.
    In conclusion those are some types of Weight Lifting exercise For Shoulders Impingement. The Weight lifting Techniques for Shoulders should follow sincerely in order to enrich the development of your shoulder.

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