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Nutrition for Bodybuilding and Anti Aging

Nutrition for Bodybuilding and Anti Aging

All of us want to stay young forever which is practically impossible. But we can adjust our diet in such a way so that aging can be delayed as much as possible. YES!! Anti aging is possible!! God has designed our bodies in a way that they can repair themselves if provided with right nutrition and bodybuilding diet. In addition to it, everybody has the right to look equally beautiful, right ?
We all have read somewhere that “Cell is the fundamental unit of the body”.  But we never really bother about what they mean. If we want to know how does anti aging work, we need to know that our body needs “energy” and “raw material” to maintain cell’s proper functions. Our body comprises of living cells. The food we eat keeps the cells alive and strong. When cells die new cells replace them. Now, for the replacement a cell has three options .

Nutrition for Bodybuilding and Anti Aging
it can go for degeneration  :
    • when you are lacking the required nutrients, the cell would get replaced by a comparatively weaker cell.
    it can go for chronic condition  :
      • your body doesn’t improve and the cell gets replaced .
      it can go for regeneration  :
        •  When your body has plenty of energy and required nutrients and raw materials, the cell would get replaced by a more stronger cell which is “ANTI-AGING” 
          Foods that cause regeneration and those which cause degeneration are often confused.  But it is often the case that even though we are taking the right nutrients, we still age. Why is this so? As we age, the efficiency of our bodies to process nutrients decreases. This results in the increased need of nutrient intake. For example, Vitamin D is produced by our bodies when it is exposed to sunlight. But the amount of vitamin D being produced at the age of 70 is far less than at the age of 10.

          So what do we require to do to ensure anti aging? There is a certain set of nutrients that can be consumed. And as we grow older we can consume these nutrients in the right amount. The proper diet to prevent aging should include daily intake of water, precise fulfillment of calorie requirements and increase intake of fresh vegetables. Also in addition to that decrease the intake of cheese and fattening foods. It is highly suggested that if you are doing exercises or even jogging on daily basis, you are required to consult a certified physician so that proper food can be recommended to you. Having only emphasizes over exercises and neglecting the importance of proper intake of diet will take you nowhere.

          Anti aging is possible, but it requires certain sacrifices. For proper nourishment of the cells in the body to avoid aging, fulfillment of dietary requirements is a necessity.

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