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The Schedule of Bodybuilding Workout for Beginners

The Schedule of Bodybuilding Workout for Beginners

If a test indicates that your kidney function is abnormal, this problem is not only weaken your progress, but also it will make the process dangerous to consume the amount of protein. This process is very important to make gains. One needs a healthy heart, healthy kidneys and healthy lives for achieving success in the world of bodybuilding. You will never be able to make the gains if any of these system is not working properly. These are included on Bodybuilding Workout Schedule for Beginners. So, in order to ensure the normality of each parts of your body, you need follow some tests below : 

To Check Cardio-Vascular Function you need:
  1.     Total Cholesterol.
    The Schedule of Bodybuilding Workout for Beginners
  2.     LDL.
  3.     HDL.
  4.     Triglycerides.
  5.     V-REACTIVE Protein.
  6.     HOMOCYSTEINE Level.
To check Liver function you need:
  1.     GGT
  2.     SGOT.
  3.     SGPT.
  4.     Alkaline Phosphates.
To check Kidney Function you need:
  1.     CREATINE.
  2.     BUN.
  3.     THE CREATINE\BUN Ratio.
To ensure adequate prostrate function for males, a PSA test is also needed.

 A hormonal imbalance will prevent you from achieving your bodybuilding goals at the end. You can ensure that you are in perfect working order and ready to get started by checking the major hormones.
Hormones of interest are
  1.     Testosterone.
  2.     Free Testosterone.
  3.     Estradiol.
  4.     IGF-1.
  5.     DHEA/DHEAs.
Bodybuilding workout Routine:

3 days A Week Full Body Routine:
  1.     75 Degree Incline DB Bench Press.
  2.     DB Bench Press.
  3.     One Arm Rows.
  4.     DB Pullovers.
  5.     Bent over Lateral Raises.
  6.     DB Upright Rows.
  7.     Dumbbell Curls.
  8.     Overhead Triceps Extension.
  9.     Leg Extensions.
  10.     DB Squats.
  11.     DB Lunges.
  12.     Lying Leg Curls.
  13.     Calf Raises.
  14.     DB = Dumbbell.
Bodybuilding workout routine for Beginner Bodybuilders:
Day-1 (Chest, Back and Arms)
  1.     75 Degree Incline Press.
  2.     Flat DB Press.
  3.     Incline Flies.
  4.     One Arm Rows.
  5.     Two Arm Rows.
  6.     Pullover.
  7.     DB Curl.
  8.     Incline Curls.
  9.     Overhead Curls.
  10.     Lying Triceps Extensions.
Day-2 (Shoulders, Legs and Abs)
  1.     Military Press.
  2.     Barbell Upright Rows.
  3.     Bent over Lateral Raises on Incline Bench.
  4.     Squats.
  5.     Lunges (Press with toes).
  6.     Leg Extensions.
  7.     Leg Curls.
  8.     Calf Raises.
  9.     Stiff Legged Dead Lifts.
  10.     Sit Ups (Go up to 30 Degree only).
  11.     Leg Raises.
  12.     Swiss Ball Crunch.
  13.     Knee Ins.
Graduate with an advanced bodybuilding workout routine:
  1.     Day-1: Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps.
  2.     Day-2: Thighs, Calves and Hamstrings.
  3.     Day-3: Chest, Back and Abs.
Diet of Bodybuilding Workout Schedule for Beginners:
  1.     Weeks (1-2): Cut the fat.
  2.     Weeks (3-4): Eliminate Refined Sugars.
  3.     Weeks (5-6): Make water the main beverage in your diet.
  4.     Weeks (7-8): Caloric intake control and multiple feedings.

 In conclusion, if a beginners follow a Bodybuilding Workout Schedule from the above, he will surely be benefited. . 

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