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6 Best Supplements to increase muscle mass fast

What are the best supplements?
 Gaining muscle mass is the desire of millions of people in the world, but few know that the consumption of some supplements can speed up this process. Here are some of these supplements and process you need to know that can help you in the gain for muscle mass.

6 Best Supplements to increase muscle mass fast

What are the best supplements?

Slow protein absorption
It is used to stop muscle breakdown, and it is ideal for people who going on a long time without food. Many beginners end up leaving to eat with the intention of reducing the percentage of fat and increase lean body mass, but it gets in the way. The body tends to retain fat when the person stops eating regularly every three hours. The consumption of slow absorbing protein solves this problem, since the nutrients takes longer to be absorbed by the body.
Protein fast absorption

This type of supplement should be taken immediately after training with fast absorbing carbohydrates. Both will act in replenishing the body after exercise and keep burning fat constantly.


It Increases muscle strength and is popular among athletes by helping them increase the weight load of exercise and helping the fastest gain of lean muscle mass for the body at large.

Carbohydrate fast absorption

To continue running smoothly, the body needs energy and carbohydrates provide the energy needed for this to occur. When lacking carbohydrates to be transformed into energy, the body starts to consume the energy stored in fat and then muscle fibers, so this supplement is important.


It has the similar effect with creatine. Is not as effective when taken alone, but works well as an adjunct to creatine, rather accelerating gains in muscle mass.


Essential amino acids stimulates synthesis and prevent muscle fatigue. One of the most important supplements for those who want to speed up muscle mass gain process.

All supplements cited accelerate the acquisition of lean muscle mass, but remember that this does not occur without regular exercise and healthy eating.

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