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Training Tips

Last iteration | Choice of methods of increasing intensity

Last iteration | Choice of methods of increasing intensity

It is said that the latest iteration of a series is what drives progress. The steps taken before it is just to put the muscles and nervous system in the situation that was very close (sometimes even beyond), which triggers adaptive mechanisms: an increased number of fibers recruited in the contraction crestesrea energy reserves, increasing the number of muscle fibers and their size, the ability to eliminate waste.
Gym bodybuilding muscle growth and muscle and is based on what the body in a state that needs a larger percentage of resources, and allow sufficient time for adaptation, during which a particular food. Is it the most effective method for modeling the body (including weight loss), both in time and opportunity to choose the final form of your body, you can see in the mirror with satisfaction.

This latest version, can lead to momentary muscular exhaustion or not, is a great demand for our body. Its a huge difference compared to other training methods and representatives of other sports, which are hundreds or thousands of repetitions at low intensity. Weight training, even one repetition maximum may be too thin barrier and move between training and supraantrenament / overload. Even if, psychologically, feels that more can, be aware (of) the product of a powerful muscle pain, nervous system, bones, tendons, liver, etc. The suffering that now needs time and resources to be healed and that the adaptations (including muscle growth) to occur.

Although most people enter a room such repetitions are too many and too strong / intense, here are some ways you can achieve high intensity in relative safety, after having passed the beginner stage (2 -6 months of training and constant progress.)
General status assessment: making a hard workout and go to the highest representatives unless well-rested (at least 8 hours of sleep in the last 24 hours), nutrition and hydration are energetic and have a good feeling (state of mind training, energy), without incentives (pre-workout supplements.) You can also train a muscle group only if at least two days have passed since the fever disappeared muscle.

Exercise choice. Given that effort is a great exercise are preferable to machines or made through banks, to a stay of execution and good posture, even when systems and muscle areas begins to yield to no temptation to cheat . For example, the biceps is more appropriate to go to the maximum deflection in the concentrated beam bending. Choose versatile and exercises with weights, resistance to movement and the angle can be changed on the fly: flutter with dumbbells to chest: if you stretch your arms to the maximum weight will be higher and vice versa. Furthermore, after a series of waves (in the chest or shoulders) can continue with the same weight for triceps movements pushed for power rested on the chest or the deltoid.

The warming is so important, the general (gymnastics) and specific (running multiple sets with a lighter weight and fewer repetitions of series of planned maximum). The boards should be ready in time to move in all directions to ensure a complete range of motion and has a natural position.

Choice of weights for weight training is used in the above. I been using microgreutatilor, magnetic disks or a few hundred grams or kilograms, add exactly how much muscle you have to go further. Elected to the maximum weight ranges are evaluated and depending on how you feel the heat of the series.

Choose the number of repetitions: especially if you develop the strength you can go to 1-3 reps, muscle mass if you can go from three to eight repetitions, and if you would pass the resistance to eight repetitions (figures are approximate) . In practice different that you can change the objective of developing the capacities of different muscles. In a small number of repetitions occur as risks and performance, posture, joints. A large number of repetitions to increase the importance of psychological factors and muscular pain tolerance (the accumulation of toxins generated by burning muscle.)

Choice of methods of increasing intensity.

Forced representatives can be done with an experienced partner with the other arm (exercises with weights made of an arm), with members not participating in exercise (chicken feet below the traction or the leg press and push hands). This assistance should be minimal to keep the muscles in the area of maximum effort. We excluded the use of forced repetitions with the help (even) if experience or partner is not doing this for the first time together.

Preobosirea is the most intelligent method of increasing intensity, which allows the use of lighter weight, without a training partner and good insulating the area you want to work. The position is very important and the choice of angles, the final exercise is isolation. You can take advantage of this situation for working muscles more sensitive areas like chest clavicle, the outside of the biceps, thigh and calf areas.

negative repetitions are more demanding, foot muscle stronger and the need for more time for recovery. Sales representatives negative (eccentric contractions) involving the use of a weight greater than what you can do a repeat positive (concentric contraction). Favorite type movements are shot, where the final position is neutral, without jeopardizing your joints (tensile). I avoid pressure from adverse movements in danger of losing control and vigil at the hospital with a broken head, a happy event. It can be done without a partner (through techniques of forced reps), but generally helps you go to the position of partner in final weight, followed by self-control of movement as the weight of muscle strength gain.

Partial representatives require reducing the movement of the race, avoiding points on which biomechanics is poor and remained in the area where the weight can move with ease after a difficult last iteration completed. In general, this area is the final movement. But if you want to develop muscle strength in the weakest point for future growth in which the weight of years, can only last representatives in this area. The method can be successfully used alone without a partner.

Rest-pause method is based on the simple idea: you can not move the rest. So, a few seconds of rest (usually the initial position of movement, muscle stretching) to restore energy reserves sufficient to remove debris that can make another 1-2 repetitions. Induce adaptation of the nervous system and increase muscle bulk.

September Descending otherwise establishing the method after having reached the maximum number of repetitions and switch to using a lower weight, without interruption. It is very demanding, which leads to the recruitment of a large number of muscle fibers in the same period, one game was enough to ensure muscle growth stimulation.

Before a workout that you can afford final repetitions which are (almost) everything you need for more training to learn the correct move, to bring his body to a decent effort capacity to prepare joint , ligaments and tendons, which is known strength. performance bodybuilders you see in the movies to push his own body within the limits of the formation of many years ago and a combination of diet, supplements, rest that allows them to. A beginner to spend months in the room can not even dream of such intensity that moves without getting the momentary muscle wasting.

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I run for my aerobic exercise. You can run, walk, dance; whatever you prefer. Just be certain to do aerobics at least 3 – 4 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes each workout. If you are using HIIT or something on that order, obviously you will be spending less time getting in your aerobics.

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