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Best Bodybuilding Workouts

Bodybuilding workouts seem to be too generalized, but what works for some doesnt work for all. Your friends body may respond to their workout routine, but that does not mean you will.
The best bodybuilding workouts for beginners This means that you will need to do full-body workout routines to build symmetrical muscle mass all over the same time. This is a faster way to a beginner to build muscle fast. You will be spending more time in the gym per session, but you will not want to go back to work.

Compound Exercises
There are six main compound exercises that should be staple in all muscle building workouts . These are the best exercises that will ensure that multiple muscles from muscle groups will be stimulated. This will trigger growth. By performing these exercises, you will gain muscle mass all over your body with symmetry.

These are the exercises you will perform as the core exercise of a specific muscle group. You will then perform additional exercises to target specific areas of the muscle group. These exercises are the best bodybuilding workouts you can do.


Squats target the legs, specifically the quadriceps.


Deadlifts target the lower back and are the best mass builder for a thick back.

Bench Press

The Bench Press is the core mass builder for the chest. There is no better chest to build huge pecs than this.

Curls concentration

These are great things that are the best for building huge peaks and mass. The bicep gets fully extended and thus a full contraction is made.

Ups Pullover

Pull-ups work your upper back and lats and the same time. It is best to start doing it as soon as you will be accustomed to lifting your body weight.

Military Press

Military presses are the best mass builder for the shoulders. They work hardest and build a solid foundation.

Having these exercises are the staple of all the best bodybuilding workouts. If they are performed correctly you can put on some serious mass.

Typical Bodybuilding Workouts
Too many times before do people new to performing bodybuilding workouts get fed the same lies. They are told to go to the gym five or six days a week. Then perform isolation exercises with more exercises for the chosen muscle group. This is the way to build muscle when you reach the intermediate stage of bodybuilding.

After bodybuilding for at least a year consistently, your muscles will become accustomed to your routine. You will then need a higher volume of exercises per muscle group in order to keep gaining. You will struggle to be more successful in the bodybuilding workouts per muscle group in your routine. This is your current training regime. This will make you too fatigued to perform

These people who are wrongly told to do so are so told by their friends or personal trainers who are trying to get more money out of them. This is not the right approach. People who are told to start performing their bodybuilding workouts this way when they are new to themselves. This is because their muscles are used to having this large amount of stress put on them by performing these exercises. It is very important that a slow progression is made to ensure proper growth and prevent injury.

It is well known that when people start bodybuilding they want to put on as much size they can in the shortest amount of time. This is still possible to do while following these types of bodybuilding workouts.It is also important to know that bodybuilding takes time, especially a lot of time if you want to look the pros.

More Typical Bodybuilding Workouts

The most common types of bodybuilding workouts are generally five or six days a week in the gym and look similar to this.

Monday Chest
Tuesday Shoulders
Wednesday Back
Thursday Legs
Friday Biceps/Triceps
Saturday Rest Day
Sunday Rest Day

This is an example of an absolutely ridiculous training split that just screams out injury. Notice how the chest, shoulders, back, and leg exercises are in this pattern and performed in consecutive days? This just spells major disaster for your shoulders. Some old school bodybuilding workouts used to be similar to this, and a lot has changed since then for good reasons.

The chest, shoulder, and back exercises all use the shoulder muscles when performing compound movements. So instead of working the shoulder muscles on Tuesday, you are actually indirectly working the muscles and the joints four days in a row! This is because if you are performing squats, which you should be if you want to build muscle mass, you are putting stress on the shoulders in order to hold up the bar. The only good thing about this workout is that there is time to let your biceps/triceps recover.

A Proper Bodybuilding Workout Plan

The bodybuilding workout plan we just listed above is a perfect example of what not to do.

Let’s take a look at a training split for an intermediate level bodybuilder with the right things to do.

Monday Back
Tuesday Legs
Wednesday Rest Day
Thursday Chest/Shoulders
Friday Biceps/Triceps
Saturday Rest Day
Sunday Rest Day

This is an example of a 4-day Split workout plan. This is one of the best bodybuilding workouts that an intermediate bodybuilder can perform.

This is because:


You get a full training session dedicated to building a huge back while you are at your freshest and least fatigued. Because the exercises that bodybuilding workouts for your back require the use of your biceps to perform them and stress is placed upon them, they will have two days to recover before being properly used again.


You get a full training session dedicated to building big legs. Again, there will be no fatigue in your legs and you can perform these exercises at your freshest.


Your arms have two days to recover from the exercises you performed on your back. While they werent too intense on them, you will easily be at your peak to perform your exercises the next day.


Your upper body is ready to perform exercises on your chest and shoulders. Your back shouldnt be too sore to perform some of your chest exercises and your arms will be completely fresh.


Your arms would have been used a little bit while performing your exercises the day before.  But not enough to be able to hinder having a full training session dedicated to pumping those guns! You can really use your best bodybuilding workouts here to blast your biceps and triceps and get them looking huge.

Saturday & Sunday

You now have two full days of precious rest time before you start your routine over again.
This is one of the best bodybuilding workout plans in terms of a split that an intermediate bodybuilder can use. It has a fantastic balance for training and recovery time that will greatly help you eventually progress from an intermediate to an advanced bodybuilder.

We will presume that if you’re performing similar training splits at this level that you already have a proper nutrition plan to feed your muscles the fuel that they need to handle this type of physical activity.

The parts of this article before were explaining about typical bodybuilding workouts that people perform incorrectly and at the wrong times. If you are a beginner and want to know what plans will work for you, take a look at our guide for beginners full-body workout routines.

If you are an intermediate bodybuilder and want to look at some full body workout plans with similar methods and splits to this, take a look at our intermediate bodybuilding workouts page.

If you are an advanced level bodybuilder and want to read up on this you can look at our advanced bodybuilding workouts page.


It is important that the correct technique is in place when you are performing exercises. This will not only prevent you from potentially seriously injuring yourself, but it will also aid in maximizing your potential muscle growth.

You should have warm-up sets before you perform your sets at your desired weight. In these warm-up sets, you should practice your correct technique for performing the exercise focusing on areas such as grip, breathing, balance, distance, foot width, and a controlled movement.

All your bodybuilding workouts should be performed in a controlled manner. Lifting your weights at a slow to medium pace will let your muscles get more contracted and stretched with more stress on them. This will assure that you are maximizing your potential muscle development.

How To Build Big Muscles
It’s one thing to be able to perform heavy training splits like this but are you getting the most out of it? As we stated before, if you are at this level already, we will presume that you have a good nutrition plan. One of the key rules with how to build muscle is that you got to eat big to get big, and you got to eat lean to look clean. This is why the right bodybuilding diet is so essential.

The main essential component required to building big muscles is that you need to lift heavy weights. Your body will eventually become used to the weight that you use when you’re performing your exercises and you will need to make it heavier in order to keep building muscle. By being able to increase the weight level permanently that you perform an exercise at, you are creating something called progressive overload. This is an essential part of bodybuilding workouts and building massive muscles.

These are the main factors in order to build muscle naturally while performing your muscle building workout plans. More important factors include having at least seven hours of sleep per night in order to let your body heal. While also drinking a sufficient amount of water per day according to your body weight and thirst.

Daily Water Intake - New Bodybuilding Workouts

Training Frequency
The frequency at which you train is one of most important factors in your plan. Training too little or too often will be counter-productive and hinder your results from that training regime you have been following so strictly.

Training too less will not allow your body to grow. Depending what stage of a bodybuilder you are, once per week will not be enough. If you are new to bodybuilding and heavy exercising, you will need at least three to five days rest before targeting the same muscles again. This is because your body hasnt developed a tolerance to these exercises yet and needs time to recover so you don’t injure yourself.

Intermediate and advanced level bodybuilders will be performing their routines on a much heavier and frequent scale. If an intermediate level bodybuilder decides to move from full body exercises into a mix of compound and isolated days targeting the same muscles but with more exercises, they would commonly be training four to five days a week.

Advanced level bodybuilders who have been performing their exercise routines for many years will be at a stage where their muscles are so used to being targeted that they need their own dedicated day. This day will consist of a high volume of sets, reps, and exercises in order to maintain their impressive physique or slowly keep gaining.

Rules & Facts About Bodybuilding

There are many rules and myths surrounding bodybuilding. Some you should follow, some you should never follow. We have made a list about some of these principle to help you with your training.

1 – If you’re not sore, you haven’t trained.

This is a common misconception that a lot of amateur bodybuilders have. While it is true that soreness the next day is an indicator that you worked your muscles in your training session. This doesn’t mean that your training session was effective.

As you keep performing your exercise routines over time, your body becomes used to this stimulation. Because of this, you may not be sore the next day even though you had an effective training session. The best way to know if your sessions are effective if you’re not sore is simple. If you are still gaining, you’re doing something right.

2 – Compound Exercises

Compound lifts are an essential part of all good bodybuilding workouts. We mentioned these at the start of this article. They are the core exercises you want in your bodybuilding workouts in order to gain some serious mass.

3 – Set Goals

Goal setting is a great way to track and help your progress. You can incorporate goals into your training regime so you can have some achievements to accomplish and further your progress.

4 – Use Proper Form

Performing bodybuilding exercises without the correct form will hinder your progress. Holding the weight and using the weight in the correct manner is important. This will assure that you are getting the most out of your bodybuilding workouts and maximizing your potential.

5 – Use Correct Weight

Don’t lift too heavy or too light. You need to experiment at first starting with a low weight. This is so you can gauge your strength and perform your bodybuilding exercises with perfect technique. After this, you can use the heaviest weight you can while still being able to perform your workout with perfect form for all your sets.

6- Nutrition

This is what fuels your muscles for their workout and helps them grow afterward. Most bodybuilders eat 6 meals a day and consume more calories on training days than on rest days. This is because your body needs more energy and protein on the days you are performing your bodybuilding workouts.

7 – Sleep

As we stated before, you need at least 7 hours of sleep every night so your body can grow and recover. This is a crucial part to complement your training regime and will help you feel fresher when you are exercising next.

8 – Progressive Overload

We mentioned what progressive overload is earlier in this article. This is an essential part to be achieving in order for you to continue gaining muscle mass.

9 – Routine

Choosing the right routine to complement your body and lifestyle is essential. You need to pick the right bodybuilding workouts for whichever level of bodybuilding you are at in order to grow and prevent injury. Routine also applies to the lifestyle of a bodybuilder. They eat sometimes the same meals, at the same time, every single day. Sleep at the same time every day. Perform certain exercises at the same time each week, and are creatures of habit. This level of routine can be too much for many people, which hinders their results.

10 – Determination

In order to stick to your nutrition plan, routine, and overall bodybuilding lifestyle, you need to be very determined and focused on your current and future goals. Dedication and strong will-power will get you there. Have a look here on how to stick to bodybuilding workouts and bodybuilding motivation tips.

Is Bodybuilding For Me?

If you have read everything this far, congratulations! You should now have some good basic knowledge on bodybuilding and training. The lifestyle of a bodybuilder is a strict and tough lifestyle to live. But like most things, if you are determined and committed enough to stick to something, you can achieve your goals.

You do not have to live the life of a bodybuilder in order to have big muscles. You can still perform some bodybuilding exercises and have a good diet. Consistency will bring results and results will bring consistency. There is also a great resource here with a huge bodybuilding workout database you can use.

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