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Anatomy of bodybuilding

You are not sure what you are trying to achieve, but you are not as successful in your body as you are. If you are in such a situation, there is a chance that with some basic knowledge of anatomy, you can start seeing the results of your body building workouts.
You simply need to know how to grow your muscles. The basics of anatomy body building can be a confusing so you can get a mirror and find the muscles on your body as you read through these muscle groups.
Neck muscles:
There are 2 basic neck muscles which you can focus on in body building workouts . One of these is the upper trapezius which runs down the back of the neck of the neck to the shoulder .Your trapezius muscles runs down the back of your neck to your waist on both sides of the spine. They are known to have straps in body building.
The other muscle in the neck is the levator scapulae which runs next to the first five or 6 cervical vertebrae in the neck.

Shoulder muscles:
The deltoid muscles are located in the shoulders. On the front of the shoulder is anterior delt while the middle one runs downwards on the side of your shoulder .Posterior deltoid muscles run down the back of your shoulder.
The rotator cuff muscles are also located in the shoulders just under the anterior delt straight out of the armpit.

Chest muscles:
The large muscles in the chest are called the pectoral muscles, also known as Pecs. Pecs, delts and traps. Pecs, delts and traps.

Muscles in the arms:
The tricep muscles are found in the arms and run downwards on the sides of your arms from the shoulder to the elbow. While biceps are found on the inside of your arms. They are the muscles that many people like to flex and are unique in the forearms.

Abdominal region muscles:
The abs is located in your abdominal region or stomach area. All of us want to have a great six-pack of abs.

Leg muscles:
The quadriceps are found in the front of your legacy. The muscles on the back of your legs are located in the upper leg or hamstring, and the lower leg or calf.

Other muscles:
Apart from the already explained muscles, there are other muscles that you may want to put your focus on. These include lower traps, the buttocks or glutes, and the lats located in the upper part of the back.
One crucial part of successfully growing your muscles after your bodybuilding is understanding your anatomy. Once you know your muscle groups, you can build on the muscles by focusing on your body building workouts.

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