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Recommended supplements for female bodybuilding Antioxidants and vitamins

Recommended supplements for female bodybuilding Antioxidants and vitamins
BodyBuilding supplements 

Body Building Info-A plan for fat loss can benefit from the use of food supplements, the most important thing is to use antioxidant vitamins such as C and E to deal with radical excess free caused by exercise and not forget the vitamins of the complex B.
Omega fatty acids

In addition you can take capsules of fish oil, rich in omega fatty acids that favour the metabolization of fats in your body and promote excellent vascular health.
Burners of fat (thermogenics)
Thermogenic supplements can be helpful if you properly tolerate stimulants, most contain high doses of caffeine and can be of help to some people, I recommend you to give a look at the article I wrote about the fat burners. You need to read also: Interview With Daniel Gilder

Protein supplements
These provide an adequate amount of nitrogen so no worries of losing muscle mass and make it easy to cover with your requirements of protein in the diet. Protein 

powder: protein
 powder coming from milk (whey or casein), mixtures of proteins using isolated from milk and egg protein can be an option for not frequently eat protein-rich foods of animal origin. I recommend proteins which handles Dymatize as the famous Elite, MRM, Syntrax and Mexican origin Matrix whey from ProWinner..

See: Professional Bodybuilding Diet

It is not necessary do not break you head but you can use an isolated whey free of fat and carbohydrates, a good concentrate of milk or buttermilk works great, if you can give you that small luxury of using protein without fat and carbos, later, but indispensable are not.No one inhibits the fat removal by using proteins from 5 to 10 pounds that are concentrated to 80% of protein.

Glutamine: this amino acid can be of great help to avoid excessive muscle catabolism associated with diets low in carbohydrates and calories to reduce body fat, in fact will help you to read the benefit of this supplement in the article on glutamine.

Branched chain BCAA amino acids: Leucine, isoleucine and valine are the most abundant in the muscle tissue and the first to oxidize in training with free weights and cardiovascular exercise, recent research have shown that especially of Leucine supplementation helps to avoid a loss of muscle mass (protein catabolism) and promotes a better retention of muscle (protein synthesis) in place when you are training with diet and approach for fat loss.

The detail is that until recently it was really complicated get supplements that had only branched chain amino acids, but currently due to the success that has been with Leucine supplementation already it's easier to get them, I recommend those of Optimum Nutrition and the manufacturing MRM with glutamine powder. Universal has also in its line a single product made with BCAAs. The rest is usually protein milk or egg compressed or blending that is broken down only on the label the amino.

A detail about supplementation

The most important thing in a plan that you incorporate supplements for losing fat, you should know that these are just the cherry on the cake, are not magic remedies and your base is the way you eat and do the cardio, proper supplementation will help these results are promote.


  • Drink the least 2 or 3 liters of water each day to maintain an adequate State of hydration in your body.
  • It is important that you follow the diet 90% to get favorable changes.
  • A good music player makes always the friendliest cardio, use it.
  • If you feel extremely hungry, add more complex carbohydrates in your diet at breakfast and food mainly, though it is a plan to lose fat, is not a diet for deplete your body of fat and water reserves.
  • Frequent meals and proper planning of these are secret so don't be too hungry and your energy levels are stable.
  • Do not use supplements containing caffeine in excessive doses to burn fat if never the beam used, they can cause insomnia and tachycardia.

Summing up the secret to fat loss...

The real secret to fat loss is to be realistic to know that time will take you to have a percentage of body fat of 10% or less, on average 3-5 points per cent removed each month with a plan of this type.

The success lies in that first do not break the diet to maintain such an environment that favours the use of reserves of fatty tissue, without diet held at least at 90% in quantity and type of food exactly as it is designed do not wait too long, even doing endless sessions of cardio and using all possible fat burners.

The cardio is something that is understood you must do, the same weight training, however what will help facilitate that environment which will facilitate fat burning is that only commas that you belong in your diet, there are no secrets, physique champions, a model or any person who is disciplined with his power knows that that definition they have lies in what one eats.

If you look very well, you train, you try to eat well, but want to see you much better, the next step is to be very disciplined and attached to a comprehensive plan to lose fat, no routine weights or 6 hours of cardio a week or the best fat burner will help to get it if you don't eat what you should eat the secret is get the diet 100% once and you will see that we are talking about when the results are really amazing, the displayed guide will serve to give you a clear idea that needs to be performed to obtain that body defined and cut.

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