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5 Reasons Diets Fail

New Year’s resolutions, wedding in a few months, summer’s around the corner, I need to meet someone for a relationship because I’m getting old, I saw a picture of myself today and I’m fat…

The reasons people choose to go down “Diet Road” are numerous, sometimes hilarious and sometimes not so much. My goal is to show you how bad eating habits and influences can contribute to the failure of your dietary program.

Family Matters 

- Oh yes it does, and can seriously impact your success with a diet… even if it’s a balanced and healthy one.  First of all you’re probably coming from a situation where what you and your family have been eating for years has been the wrong choice of foods in huge portions. They’re not going to be willing to change their ways for your diet’s sake if they can’t see your point of view. This can become a hassle when doing groceries and also when you go out to eat (you want a grilled chicken salad, they want to go to a fried foods joint).  What if your partner is an ectomorph (slim bodied, no matter what they eat) and your kids got the genes but you’re an endomorph (more likely to be or appear fat)?  You’re pretty much fighting an uphill battle at that point. Some people don’t have the will to fight against these types of odds and give in to the pressure or give up just for the sake of peace. You should really think about your current living situation and tactics you’ll use to hold fast to your new diet program.

The Good, The Bad and The Calories 

- Ever wonder why some people lose weight, look great and then grow… grow beyond the weight they were before?  Here’s why - Many “take ‘em by storm” diets out there suggest cutting your calories significantly and never promote exercise and good diet management to go along with that.  Cutting calories does not mean you’re having good nutrition… as a matter of fact you might be cutting out good calories (calories that help boost your metabolism and burn fat). Calorie reduction needs to be something done gradually over time. First of all, you’ll be as hungry as a lion trailing wildebeest on the Serengeti.  This will make you more likely to overeat or eat the wrong things when you do get a bite. Eat around 6 small meals throughout the day (this includes snacks…snacks no more than 120 calories). Secondly, suddenly cutting calories can make you feel overly fatigued and make you feel yuck.  Thirdly, your body may initially ignore your starvation but if it realizes that food isn’t coming, it’s going to hold on to every bit of fat you give to it… trying to save your life. Go forth and manage your calories wisely.  Remember that safe weight loss means losing no more than 1-2 pounds per week.

Dieting without Exercise? 

– Mm mm.  I’m not tickled.  Diet without exercise is a big no no.  Practicing better diet management will definitely show results but without exercise you’ll plateau… results will stop coming.  Health professionals and people who love their bodies will tell you that there’s nothing worse that hitting a physical improvement plateau.  Hitting a plateau can make you feel like you’re getting nowhere.  Throw in some exercise and remember to keep mixing up your routines.  This will definitely get you over the hump. We don’t want you to give up because you forget one simple component.

Cutting Out Essentials 

- When you approach a diet you need to ask yourself if you can carry on with it for as long as you live.  Let’s be more specific… can you do without carbs and fats forever? A lot of diets promote eliminating fats and carbs but be careful.  There are good and bad fats and carbs.  There’s nothing wrong with eliminating that #5 Combo at the burger joint, which contains transfats, saturated fats, enriched flour and no fiber.  However, do grab a 6″ sub (wheat bread, lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, grilled chicken, no mayo, and no saturated fat rich sauce) from your sub joint.  There’s a big difference between the two and if you’re exercising along with your diet, your body will love you for the carbs and fats in that sub.

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up

- Okay. So you made a dietary mistake and grabbed some of your co-workers fries when they offered that day at lunch.  You’d been good for weeks and you’re showing improvements. On the way home you’re thinking of what you can prepare for dinner and you see “the arches” and you head right into that drive thru.  You’re obviously having a bad day but it doesn’t mean that you can’t recover.  Believe it or not if you’ve been exercising and eating well for weeks you metabolism is probably sky high and will make whatever sinful thing you bought disappear like a puff of smoke. Get back on the wagon as soon as you can. 

Don’t get general tso’s the next day for lunch because you feel you’ve screwed up. If you keep eating badly your metabolism could start holding a grudge after a while.

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