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In any diet and weight loss for all want to hear about the fruit. Seem content allowed. However.
Containing fruit ?
In general, fruits are low calorie foods. They are sweet because they contain sugar. Whether in the form of fructose (most common) or sucrose (the table), glucose or other carbohydrates. The excess carbohydrates causes weight gain, whether they come from sweets, flour, potatoes or fruit.
Most of the fibers found in the peel. But while the skin is exposed to treatment with insecticides, dyes, preservatives.
Natural fruit juices, lose much of the fiber and facilitates intestinal absorption, thus a large amount of fructose in the liver quickly. This can trigger the synthesis of fat. Whole fruits are preferred compared to fruit juices, either natural y. canned fruit juices should be avoided. Basically, they lose most of the nutritional quality of fresh fruit, adding empty calories. It is like drinking sugar water.

Vitamins and minerals

The fruits contain relatively small amounts of vitamins and minerals and can not be consumed in Cantiere large enough to ensure that only your body needs. The importation or preserved (possibly in the form of fruit juice) are poorer in nutrients that are destroyed at high temperatures, light, time passes. To ensure an optimal intake of vitamins and minerals through a balanced diet, not through excessive consumption of fruit.

The phytonutrients, antioxidants, enzymes.
Are the main advantage brought the fruit into your diet. But here, they must be fresh (collected once they start to lose quality over time). The berries are preferred because they are the richest. Freezing of fruit preserves good nutrition. A frozen fruit smoothie and a cup of whey protein, no artificial flavors or sweeteners is a veritable fountain of health.

What fruit to eat ?
Seasonal fruits are preferred, preferably in areas that do not use pesticides, insecticides. At a time when our country does not exist naturally in fruits (winter, spring) is either transferred to other foods, not imported fruit and may contain various chemicals that were artificially baked. In particular children must be protected from these contaminants, are more sensitive.

How ?
In a narrow 1-3 servings of fruit diets daily, preferably before and after training. Choose fruits with a low caloric content. During periods of summer can be fruit course, reducing the consumption of other foods.

When ?
It is good to eat fruit between meals, not afternoon. It is widely known and the theory of adoption, and proved effective in practice. Thus, avoid bloating, excessive loading of the stomach, which should, more appetite and digestion bowel movement promotes optimal.

Fruits and weakening
Many to lose weight in a hurry tend to exceed the basic error in the diet: replace meals with fruit. Although fruits have many benefits, they get all essential nutrients, by contrast, are very low in essential nutrients (essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals). Fruits should be included in a balanced diet, but without neglecting other food groups. Fruit instead of food can lead to loss of muscle mass, malnutrition and weight loss lockout. It is very difficult then to trigger fat burning again.

Fruit sugar
Sugar is a preferred fuel for our cells, easily digested and gives us quick energy. The problem occurs when we eat too much and the excess energy is converted into fat.
I realized the people I work with weight gain a few kilos caused by excessive watermelon. A seemingly innocuous fruit in large quantities, which is equivalent to sweets or sugary juices.
The sweet diet includes ingredients lately special, which appear to be healthier than sugar. Such as fructose or fruit sugar. It actually has the same amount of calories (4 kcal per gram) and is not made from fruit or corn grain, but for the industry. Excess fructose is more harmful than the excess sugar, so do not be fooled by labels crafts.
In addition to extra calories, fructose provides a basis to synthesize body fat, not burn fat, even if you eat less. Therefore limiting the intake of fructose, if your goal is to lose weight.

Fruit benefits: lower risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease, reduced risk of diabetes, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure.

Fruit briefly: 
1. Eat 2-3 fruits a day, at a distance of at least one hour dining
2. Seasonal fruits are preferred and the region where we live, fresh or frozen
3. fruits are eaten outside the main meals
4. We offer all the fruit and rind of a greater feeling of satiety
5. fructose from fructose diet sweets and fresh fruit are two different things
6. Wash fruits before eating

The fruits in jams, yogurt, cookies and other garbage are not only the result of fat material.

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