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Exercise Ball Workout

An exercise ball workout is designed to make your workout more strenuous by stretching major muscle groups. The same exercise ball workout aims to ease the pain you can bring on your back because of working out on a hard wooden floor. With the proper maneuvers, supervision, and warm up exercises, you can have a successful exercise ball workout that will firm your muscle groups and make you sweat, increase your stamina, and lose weight.

The following is a basic exercise ball workout that should stretch and firm the muscles in your arms, thighs, and abdomen. This exercise ball workout is designed to be carried out with dumbbells and other weight-lifting equipment, and should be engaged in only after the proper warm-up exercises have been performed. A warm up will prepare your muscles for stretching and will decrease the probability of muscle pain due to lactic acid accumulation after your exercise ball workout.

Start your exercise ball workout by placing one foot on the ball, then bend your other leg slightly. Hold a pair of dumbbells out in front of your thighs, stretch back your shoulders and abdominals, and keep your back flat. Arch your body forward from your hips and bring the dumbbells down to your knees, keeping your hands near your thighs. To pull your body back in its original position, contract your thigh muscles. Do this for twelve to fifteen counts, then switch your workout to the other leg.

Continue your exercise ball workout by lying down with your back on the ball. Hold the dumbbells up, and keep one leg extended. Lower the dumbbells down to your chest, then contract the muscles of your chest to return your arms to their starting position. By extending your leg, you are increasing your resistance, and thus the strenuousness of the exercise. Do this for twelve to fifteen counts, then extend the other leg and repeat.
Move on with your exercise ball workout by using the ball to support your push ups. Place your toes on the ball, then place your hands down flat on the floor at a distance wider than your shoulders. Keep the muscles of your abdomen tight, and flatten your back, as you bend your elbows and bring your lower torso to the ground. Stop when your elbows are at a right angle, and go no further. Push yourself back up to your starting position, then repeat the same steps twelve to fifteen times.

Exercise Ball Workout

If this part of the exercise ball workout tires you out, then you can experiment by placing your shins on the ball, or your knees, until you feel that you are not straining your back. Push ups place you in danger of lower back pains, or even a slipped disc, if you are not careful. If doing pushups on your knees is still painful, do not do this part of the workout, and concentrate instead on your abdominals by lying on your back flat upon the floor. Prop your feet up on the ball for support, then contract your abdominal muscles. Repeat this for twelve to fifteen counts.

These are only a few exercises that can make up your exercise ball workout. Adjust the strenuousness of your exercises by shifting legs or positions, or by using a harder exercise ball that is pumped firmer, and with more air. With more repeats of these simple exercises, as well as a proper diet and warm ups, you can lose weight and gain endurance – all without a lot of inconvenience or pain.

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