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Large Exercise Ball

Slimming down is not as hard as it is initially thought to be. It can be done anywhere. There are gyms all over the place. In fact, you can just walk around the park and come by the playground, and voila! that is your customized gym. Easy, huh?
However, you do not have to do go out just to slim down. There are lots of things you can do at home to help you get thin. For example, you can clean the whole house, alone. Do that every other day, and for sure, you will definitely get thinner.
But then again, you probably do not want to have a general cleaning on your own right? You want to slim down, at the same time having fun while doing it. Well, this is where exercise balls step in.
Using exercise balls is the latest fad nowadays. If you do not have one, or two, at home, you are considered to be outdated. These slimming-down fads come and go, but these exercise balls, will definitely stay. It actually gives meaning to the phrase “exercising while having fun”, unlike other products which claim they do, but actually do not.

What are exercise balls?

Exercise balls are large balls made of plastic that are customized for training your body. They are used for enhancing your general balance, gross motor capacities and vestibular response. They are inflatable, so it’s just like those balls you bring with you to the beach.
Sounds fun huh? Using exercise balls is definitely a fun way to tone your abdominal muscles. Just set it on the floor and balance your body on it, using your abs. It is like playing while exercising.
You do not have to worry about the balls bursting up because of your weight, because these balls have been custom-made to carry six hundred pounds or more. Remember, they were created for slimming down, so technically, they were made for fat or obese people. But of course, if you get a pin and punch it through, it will blow. It is just an exercise toy after all; it is not invincible.

Where do I get these exercise balls?

You can get them at the malls nearest you. You can go to you favored sports store and purchase there, but it might be a little expensive since most sports stores sell highly-branded products. If you are thinking about saving, you can look for exercise balls at department stores. Department stores also sell exercise balls, and at a cheaper price.

What can they actually do to me?

Well, there are many things that exercise balls are capable of thing. First of all, it will provide you with weight training. It will incorporate your abs, butt muscles, and leg muscles. Use it as a weight bench to make it more difficult for you to move without losing balance. You have to be stable at first before you can actually move without falling off it.
Next, like minimally mentioned above, abdominal training. You can just try to balance yourself on it, by resting your body weight on your abs. Moreover, for a better-toned set of abs, you can try doing crunches and other traditional exercises while you are on the ball. For sure, your muscles will be stronger, and slimming down is definitely where you are leading to.
If you are already tired from all the crunching and twisting, you can just sit on the exercise ball. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Even if you are just sitting on the ball, it still requires balance. Therefore, it is still challenging. But even if that is the case, it is a perfect method to enhance your posture. You can also try lifting a foot off the ground while doing this for a much better posture.
Exercise balls also pave the way to flexibility. You can use it during your Pilates exercises, or with your yoga therapies. These two activities involve a lot of stretching. With the ball, your muscles will be stretched, but not in a bad way, but in a relaxing way. Yoga and Pilates look painful, but they are actually not. In fact, they help you concentrate and relax your muscles. And with these exercise balls, even more relaxation is provided.
And one more thing, after all this work, do not forget that you can loosen up. It might be a tool for working out, but one must never neglect the fact that it is still a ball. Therefore, it can still be used as a toy. Your kids will love playing with it. They might even try exercising on it themselves. Just watch them closely to make sure that they do not get themselves hurt.

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