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bodybuilding diet

Perfect Bodybuilding diet chart

The Body builder diet will benefit you to drop overabundance weight

The Body builder diet will benefit you to drop overabundance weight, and prolong a healthy but it will possible if you follow the routine strictly. High protein diet and fiber play an important role to achieve body builder body. The basic idea is to eat a diet high in protein and fiber, and low in carbohydrates and fat.

Perfect Bodybuilding diet chart

Add salad in your diet but avoid the hea Body builder diety dressing in salad. Avoid salad and sugar when follow the body builder diet. You can add spices in your diet but not on the daily base. Try to use skim milk if you want to add some sugar in your diet .you can add skim milk as a healthy alternative.

Tips related to body builder diet :
  • Given below there are some tips which we have to follow during body builder diet.
Eat after every 3 hours :
It is a wrong concept that doesn’t eat anything between the meals when u follows the diet. One thing you have to keep in mind while following the body builder diet eat  smaller portions of food after every 3 hours so that you feel full .

Add protein powder
  • Protein is the main ingredient in body builder diet. Body builders always prefer vegetables, carbs and protein in the diet.
Drink plenty of water
  • Water is essential of every diet as well as body builder diet. Try to drink 8 glasses of water in a day. Every person needs water according to his weight. Follow the formula that will tell the correct amount of water as per your need.

Bodybuilder diet program

  • Add 1 or 2 spoons of protein supplement with water or skim milk. You can also enjoy low fat yogurt in the morning. Eggs have the protein so u can add 2 hard boil eggs in your diet.
Meal between breakfast and lunch :
Add tuna or salmon in your diet after the breakfast. Or you can add protein shake .It totally depends as on your choice. Eat the thing which you prefer.
Lunch :
Add some broccoli, corn or brown rice in your dinner .As alternative you can add something high in protein like salmon and hamburger or nodules or oatmeal.
After dinner meal :
After dinner you can add a protein shake in your diet.
Necessary food in body builder diet
  1. Add Egg white :
  • Egg white is high in protein .It’s a necessary part of the body builder diet .Your diet will not be completed except egg white.
  1. Salmon :
  • Salmon is a good combination of some good fats and protein in the body builder diet. When you follow body builder diet fats are also good for you but not all the fats are good there are some good fats which you can easily intake.
  1. Chicken breast :
  • Body builders always prefer chicken breast on a daily basis. Because they are high in protein and low in fat.
  1. Potato :
  • A carbohydrate gives you energy for a workout. Potatoes are filled with fast acting carbs which give you energy during workout.

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