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Exercise Tips

Top 10 Best Fat Burning Exercises - Workouts Easy

Recommended Aerobic Activities

Top 10 Best Fat Burning Exercises - Workouts Easy

Following are common aerobic exercises that you may want to integrate in your personalized nutrition/aerobic/weight training program for maximum fat loss.

- Cross Country Skiing. Cross-country ski machines have a very high calorie and fat burning potential and is a non-impact exercise. Unlike other exercise machines, using a cross country ski machine requires skill and coordination.

- Elliptical Machine. Ellipticals have gained the distinction as the most popular exercise machine because they provide very high fat-burning potential together with excellent aerobic conditioning and muscle-developing workout that’s at the same time easy to learn, fun and entertaining. Its no-impact elliptical striding motion is an ideal exercise to strengthen the knees and lower extremities. Elliptical machines also provide excellent cross-training advantages. Depending on the machine cross ramp angle different, the machine can simulate such activities as hiking, cycling, running, walking and cross-country skiing targeting different muscle groups.

- Outdoor Cycling. If you choose outdoor cycling instead of riding an indoor stationary bike, keep in mind that you have to push yourself harder and for longer periods. Due to the distraction of the scenery, outdoor cycling tends to become recreation-oriented rather than training-oriented.

- Rowing Machine. Rowing is regarded to be the most complete exercise because it works all of the body’s major muscle groups such as the legs, buttocks, back, abdominals and arms. It is a safe and non-impact activity but is not recommended if you have low back problems. Generally, rowing is an excellent exercise for burning fat, endurance and strength conditioning workout; however, it is very exhausting and difficult to sustain for long periods.

- Running. One of the highly recommended aerobics exercise is running. It is an excellent way to burn off excess fat and does not require any special equipment, just a pair of good running shoes! Running is classified as a high impact exercise and as such is not recommended for beginners. Overweight individuals should avoid running until after considerable weight loss because of the high risk of injury. Running has an overall reducing effect on muscles so don’t overdo it if you decide to include running in your regimen.

- Stairclimbers. Stair climbing machines provide an excellent aerobic conditioning workout and are ideal for weight loss. Stairclimbers effectively target the body’s gluteals, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves and provides several levels of difficulty for the beginner to the advanced levels. You can adjust the intensity of your workout at any time with the easy to use control buttons.

- Stationary Recumbent Bicycle. Recumbent bicycling has all the advantages of upright cycling but is more comfortable than the upright version because the lower back is supported. The ergonomically designed seat makes recumbent cycling perfect for people who have lower back problems or are overweight. It also provides a good work out for the gluteal and hamstring muscles since you push the pedals forward instead of up and down.

- Stationary Upright Bicycle. Another low impact exercise is stationary cycling on an upright bicycle. Some stationary bikes have built-in pre-programmed courses that allow the rider to ride on an even keel, go uphill or do interval training. The rider can increase the exercise intensity by pedaling vigorously or by increasing the resistance on the pedal.

- Treadmill. You can either walk, jog or run on a treadmill. Exercises done on a treadmill are considered low impact because the decks flex thereby greatly reducing the potential of injury. Treadmills offer continuous feedback on time, speed, distance and heart rate; you can also put it on an incline to increase the intensity of your workout and burn more calories. Your workout is not hampered weather conditions since you can use it indoors.

- Walking. Walking is highly recommended for the sedentary or overweight individual as a basic exercise to induce fat and weight loss. It is considered as a low to moderate exercise and should be done briskly and continuously for at least 30 minutes in order to achieve successful fat and weight loss.

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