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6 Mental Strategies For Losing Weight

fall down seven times get up eight

Mind over matter, so they say. The task may be hard but as long as you set your mind into it, you can actually reach your goal.

There are so many diets encouraging those who would want to lose weight to try 'em out. These weight loss programs assure a quick and easy procedure to what is normally difficult to achieve. But as we all know, the best way for anyone to lose weight is to exercise ' and to do it regularly.

However, these dieters continue wishing shedding off the excess pounds but with temptation such as sweets and carbs out there for them to just grab by reaching in, losing weight is harder than saying 'mind over matter.'

But the irony is that clich?? is the trick. Studies have shown that by focusing on your goal which is losing weight, your mind can actually motivate your actions.

1. First, have a target weight.
 With that in mind, you will be able to control the urges. Also, you will have better inclination to get up in the morning ' earlier than usual ' to do some stretches or to run around your block. Some dieters only do this in the beginning then they return to their old ways. However, by constantly mentally motivating yourself, it will seem as if you have a Jiminy Cricket in your head convincing you to make the commitment in this weight loss program.

2. It's all you. 
Not even your significant other, loved ones or closest friends can convince you to do this. But make sure that you are losing weight because YOU want to, not because someone else thinks you're fat.

3. Enter weight loss programs at the perfect time. 
If you currently have other concerns such as financial or marital problems, completely devoting yourself in a weight loss program may not be the right move for you. These problems on other aspects of your life can easily create distractions in the new lifestyle you are trying to create. You have to ask yourself if you are really serious and are fully prepared to take on the challenge of losing weight.

4. Here is where mind over matter comes in.
 You should always convince yourself that you could take a pass on sweets and over-eating. It may be tempting but this will only satisfy you for a short while. As soon as you finish indulging yourself, you will only regret your decision because you broke a new habit ' which is less sweets and less portions. However, if you are derailed from your goal, do not get off the track completely. Get back on and brush it off as a minor setback. You are not perfect. But then again, you can thrive for perfection in the future, therefore not making that same mistake again.

5. Have a strong support system. 
The decision and action to lose weight must be all you, but no man is an island, so you need a strong support system. Your partner, loved ones and dear friends can assist you with that. They will encourage you and support you during this transitioning phase in your life. Better yet, you have a friend who can exercise with you ' that will make losing weight more fun. Or you could also get someone from the same weight-loss support program you are in.

6. There is no harm in dreaming but it might be completely bollocks if you dream too much. Have a realistic goal.
 Losing weight is accomplished in a slow yet steady pace.
Example: lose a pound or two each week, not 10, 20. That is impossible. You can lose 3 or 4 pounds a week at most, if you have a faster metabolism than others.

In a nutshell, losing weight must become a lifestyle. Eating a balanced diet and exercising on a daily basis are just two new habits that you should incorporate in your way of living. But before you do this, you have to be honest with yourself and observe your eating habits.

Do you eat too much when you're depressed? Do you crave for midnight snacks? Do you eat fast? Do you watch TV while eating? By knowing what's wrong in the picture, you can fully incorporate your newly-found habits backed up with the mental campaign 'I can do this' and you're good to go.


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