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6 Ways To Stop Overeating

How to Stop Overeating

6 Ways To How to Stop Overeating

Studies have shown that one in three Americans is overweight. This is about 35.70% or 97 million people in the entire United States.

Another report reveals that there are 3.8 million people who weigh above 300 pounds and 400,000 more above 400. The figures mentioned are real and unless some drastic measures are taken, the number of those prone to diseases such as diabetes and heart disease will increase.

Overeating happens when the individual consumes too much food and is unable to burn it out.

 It may be normal for an athlete in training to take in 3000 kilocalories a day but is too much for someone else who is not engaged in a lot of physical activity.

Being overweight or obese could also be the result of frustrations in life. It serves as an outlet for people to let off some steam.

Regardless of the reason, the challenge now will how to stop overeating.??

 This is because it has now turned into an addiction just like how a person can consume more than one pack of cigarettes a day.

The simplest solution to stop being overweight or obese is to eat less and exercise more often. This may be difficult at first but the improvements will be seen in time.

Those who are unable to do it alone should ask the help of a dietitian. This specialist will be able to determine how much weight needs to be reduced so that short and long term goal can be planned.

Some people think that going on a diet or changing one's eating habits means giving up on some of life's pleasures. This is not true because food from all the groups are essential in providing the right number of vitamins and minerals that is needed by the body.

The dietitian will slowly take at a few things out and have this replaced with something else that has a lesser amount of fat and sugar. As the individual loses a few pounds, it is okay to have an occasional treat such as a slice of cake or a piece of candy to reward?? oneself for the small feat.

To help burn the excess fat at a quicker pace, the patient will also have in a physical activity. The decision of what sport or thing to do will really depend on the person's lifestyle.

Some may like to do golf or play bowling but since these exercises don't burn that much calories, it is best to try something else like brisk walking or enrolling in a gym. In this place, a physical trainer will be able to make a program just like how a dietitian is making an eating plan.

Working out in the gym usually consists of a cardio-vascular workout and the use of some fitness equipment. The speed, number of reps or the weight in the equipment will not be that difficult yet and will be adjusted gradually once individual is able to build some endurance.

The person can still exercise moderately when not in the gym. This can be done by taking the stairs instead of using the elevator or parking the vehicle at bit farther in the lot to be able to enjoy the stroll to the office.

Proper dieting and exercise is the only way for anyone to stop overeating.

 It is never too late to start to be in good shape and live a healthy lifestyle.


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I run for my aerobic exercise. You can run, walk, dance; whatever you prefer. Just be certain to do aerobics at least 3 – 4 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes each workout. If you are using HIIT or something on that order, obviously you will be spending less time getting in your aerobics.

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