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Body Types and Weight Loss

Body Types and Weight Loss

There is no exercise and diet routine that's applicable for all people. There may be a certain routine that will benefit everyone, yes, but its effect will vary depending on the individual's body type. If you wish to gain maximum results from an exercise and diet routine, it's important you correctly identify your body type first.

Info on Body Types and Weight Loss

Body Types and Weight Loss

Science classifies people's bodies according to three types: ectomorphs, endomorphs, and mesomorphs. It's very rare, however, for a person to belong purely to one body classification. Most of us are a combination of two body types; if that happens to be true in your case, make sure that find the right balance when combining the exercise and diet routines primarily designed for different body types.

If the descriptions provided below for each body type are not enough to help you determine what type of body you have, a physician or fitness expert will surely be able to lend assistance.

Mesomorphs ' This is generally perceived as the best body type. Mesomorphs are more able to control their weight because they're born with naturally lean figures with a fast metabolism. Metabolism simply refers to the speed of which our bodies are able to digest food.

People with fast metabolism can afford to eat more than usual because their bodies are able to burn off fats more quickly, preventing them to gain in weight as much as it should. Mesomorphs also have either athletic or shapely builds, for men and women respectively. They are described as having broad shoulders and tapered waists. Most athletes are mesomorphs by choice. Muscular is the best adjective to describe mesomorphs.

Ectomorphs ' Although mesomorph is the ideal body type, ectomorph is the most popular figure type as its shape and physique is idolized by media today. With ectomorphs, waists, shoulders, and hips are naturally slim. Although there's a very low percentage of fat in ectomorphs, this can be a drawback as well as it mostly prevents ectomorphs from having shapely figures. Most ectomorphs are small as well although tall ectomorphs are quite abundant in the fashion industry and show business. Thin or skinny is the best way to characterize ectomorphs.

Endomorphs ' Rarely will a person voluntarily choose to have an endomorph type of body. Endomorphs may be short or tall, but they're never narrow. Instead, endomorphs have pear-like figures, with hips that are wider than their shoulders. Endomorphs have a typically slow metabolism, preventing them to lose weight as easily as other body types.

Mesomorphs should only adhere to a diet and exercise routine that will help them retain their shape. Although it's alright for mesomorphs to attempt obtaining a more muscular build, they are generally discouraged from trying to become thinner as this might already be considered unhealthy.

Ectomorphs, on the other hand, should be solely concerned with gaining muscle weight and an even distribution of fat for a shapelier figure. Unfortunately, most ectomorphs by choice are usually obsessed becoming rake-thin and try their best to lose even more weight.

Endomorphs usually have the most difficult time of all body types in achieving a healthy or ideal weight. As natural endomorphs generally have heavier and bigger bones and more fats in their bodies, it's virtually impossible for them to become ectomorphs or be described as 'skinny'. The best thing they can do is to exercise constantly and eat a healthy diet.

Body Types and Weight Loss

Always remember that body types and weight loss constantly go together. Following a fitness plan meant for a different body type would be very disastrous for anyone. Lastly, never forget that our goals should be to become healthy and fit, and not toothpick-thin!


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