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Calorie intake to lose weight

Calorie intake to lose weight

Calorie Intake Awareness

Calorie is defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 liter of water by 1 degree Centigrade. It is a simply a measure of heat energy. When food is burned, it releases a certain amount of heat (energy), depending on the type of food. The more calories a certain type of food contains, the more energy will be released when it is burned.

It is also the amount of energy in food and the amount of energy stored in the body as body fat (adipose tissue) and stored carbohydrate (glycogen).

Body fat is very similar to a storage tank for energy, it is the fuel that we use up for all of our activities. An individual’s lack of inactivity makes body fat just sit in storage until you need it. If you weigh 200 pounds with about 18% body fat, you have 126,000 calories of energy reserves sitting idly in your tissues!

The body’s energy reserves, if unused, accumulate over time and turn to fatty tissue because the body is a very efficient fat-storing machine.

People have to realize that it is unhealthy to maintain excess fat deposits in today’s day and age. As much as possible, calorie intake and energy use should be maintained at a balance to reduce the effect of excess fat accumulation in the body’s muscle tissues. Better yet, engaging in aerobic/exercise/workout activities should be undertaken to turn excess calories into muscle growth and development for a healthier and more productive lifestyle.

Count your Calories!

Keep track of your calorie intake and calorie expenditure. If you don’t, you will most probably end up in a calorie surplus stage which will invariably turn stored energy into stored excess body fat!

You simply can not do this by restricting your calorie intake because of the body’s natural starvation response. The best way to neutralize calorie surplus is through increased physical activities to burn calories and convert whatever excess calories are left into muscle tissues.

Calorie intake awareness is important: if you burn more calories than you consume, your body will stored fat for energy and you will lose weight whereas if you consume more calories than you burn daily, you will store the surplus and gain weight!

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