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Exercise Tips

13 Best Exercise Tips On Losing Weight Fast

13 Best Exercise Tips On Losing Weight Fast

Exercise Tips On Losing Weight Fast

Adopting an exercise routine is an effective way to lose weight especially for those that are also dealing with slow metabolism. While there are many types of exercise, it is important to formulate a routine that is both effective and achievable. Many gym rats fall into the trap of performing the same type of exercise over and over again, as they have grown comfortable and have achieved substantial results.

Here are some tips to make exercise more effective in losing weight.

1. Exercise in the morning
2. Perform aerobic training
3. Do resistance work
4. Change your exercise routine as often as possible

Exercise in the morning

There is nothing like jumpstarting your day by exercising. Morning workouts will help wake those sleeping nerves and boost blood flow instead of just lying around in bed. Doing your routine in the morning is arguably more effective than performing it in other times of the day. Take note that your last meal may have been as long as 12 hours ago.

The carbohydrates you got from dinner were already consumed during the time you slept and you are operating on an empty stomach if you exercise in the morning. The body will be forced to consume stored fat and this is the one crucial consideration for those who are trying to lose weight.

Studies show that morning exercise, coupled with a hearty breakfast will considerably increase your metabolism, as your body will have energy to do daily tasks.

Perform aerobic and resistance training

Doing aerobic exercise is a great way to lose weight. In aerobic training, your body will consume calories at a rapid rate, as the heart will pump faster and blood circulation will increase. Examples of aerobic training include:

- cycling/biking,
- running
- swimming
- cross-country skiing
- basketball
- jumping rope
- roller skating
- brisk walking
- dancing.

Machines can also be used to perform aerobic exercise. Those that can be used at the gym or at home include stair-steppers, treadmills, cycles and rowing machines.

Doing cardio work alone is not enough to lose weight, so it is important to incorporate resistance training in your routine. Resistance training helps the body become a calorie-burning machine, as it strengthens muscle tissue. This is crucial if you want your body to continue burning calories even during rest.

If you want to avoid looking like a bodybuilder, lift light weights or those that you can perform with 12 to 15 repetitions per set. Lifting light weights will also help you achieve a leaner frame and boost your strength and endurance.

Change your exercise routine as often as possible

Try to change your exercise routine as often as possible to keep your body guessing and avoid getting bored. Doing the same exercise over and over again will also make the overworked parts of your body prone to injury.

A good example would be changing your workout schedule every three weeks. If you do cardio work in the morning, why not shift it to the evening or alternate it with strength training? If you have been doing exercises with a bike for nearly two months, why not try group classes for a change? Some of the most popular group exercises include Tae Bo, Steps and Dance Marathon.

In summary, exercise is an effective way to lose weight but it’s up to you to determine what is best for your body, in order to achieve the desired results. Stand up, be active and lose weight, you owe it to yourself to be fit and beautiful.

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I run for my aerobic exercise. You can run, walk, dance; whatever you prefer. Just be certain to do aerobics at least 3 – 4 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes each workout. If you are using HIIT or something on that order, obviously you will be spending less time getting in your aerobics.

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