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Exercise Tips

Lose Weight Via These Home Exercises

We often see infomercials of weight loss products of people in their before and after pictures and just notice the big difference

We often see infomercials of weight loss products of people in their before and after pictures and just notice the big difference. These infomercials use such people in order to better market their product. They are right to a certain degree ' exercise is very effective if you want to trim down your weight.

However, you don't necessarily have to use their products to help you lose weight. You don't even have to apply at a local gym or fitness program in order to exercise. You just have to want it and be disciplined enough to do it. Exercising is so easy, many forms can be done at the comfort of your own home without necessarily using advertised products. Here are some examples:

First, try abdominal exercises. These are perhaps the easiest exercises to do at home, plus it targets the exact place where you don't want any excess fat ' the tummy. Basic abdominal exercises include sit-ups, crunches, and leg lifts. In sit-ups and crunches, the simplest form is to lie flat on your back, raise your knees to approximately a 45 degree level, hands interlocked behind the head (or crossed across the chest), and using your abs, raise your upper body off the floor bringing it close to your knees.

In leg lifts, you have the same posture except that you will raise your lower body towards your chest. This targets the lower part of your tummy ' a common problem for women. Other forms of abdominal exercises can also be done easily at home.

Next, push ups. You can work out your chest and arms using different arm angles while doing push ups. The basic form of a push up is to lie on your belly. Tip toe on your legs while keeping your body down. With your arms at the level of your shoulders, push yourself up off the ground using your arms. Increase the repetitions as you grow stronger.

Another home exercise would be chin ups or pull ups, which you can perform with the help of a sturdy horizontal bar. This would increase strength in your arms. With both hands of the bar, raise your legs off the ground by bringing up your knees. Pull your chin up to the level of the bar or over for one repetition. Continuous repetition will give you greater upper body strength.

Finally, cardiovascular exercise. Any form of cardiovascular exercise would help you lose weight. This includes walking, jogging, or running, either around your neighborhood or just where you're standing. However, it would be better to go around so that you can set a goal, whether a time limit or a certain number of laps, which would help track your progress in your weight loss.

Why are these important? For the first three (abdominal exercises, push ups, and pull ups), they make your muscles stronger, which in turn allows your body to burn more fat as well as increase your metabolism, thereby eventually causing you to lose excess weight.

It is scientifically proven that strength training increases the rate of burning fat and calories. For cardio exercises, this allows you to work out your whole body, allowing you to burn fat and increasing your endurance for future exercise activities. With these home exercises, you need not have to buy an expensive machine or go to the gym in order to effectively lose weight.

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I run for my aerobic exercise. You can run, walk, dance; whatever you prefer. Just be certain to do aerobics at least 3 – 4 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes each workout. If you are using HIIT or something on that order, obviously you will be spending less time getting in your aerobics.

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