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General Tips

Way To Speed Up Your Metabolism

Way To Speed Up Your Metabolism

You can jump start your metabolism make it more efficient. An efficient metabolism means you burn calories well all the time, whether you are training, resting or sleeping.

The best way to achieve fitness and health is to make your metabolic system more efficient by eating more!

Eating every 3 hours is the most effective way to speed up your metabolism and induce fat loss. It is also the most efficient way to build and maintain muscle!

How Many Meals Should You Eat Daily?

Nutritionists and doctors say that the human digestive system needs only 3 hours to digest each meal and that the proteins we get from those meals are retained in the bloodstream only for a maximum of 3 hours as well.

If you sleep 8 full hours daily, you have 16 waking hours. Divide this by the amount of time necessary to digest each meal (16 ?? 3) and you get 5.33, the number of meals you must eat daily if you sleep 8 hours a day! Five meals daily therefore is the optimal number of times we must eat daily. Going beyond is taxing your metabolism because there would be one meal that is left undigested in your stomach!

Eating small amounts but frequent meals on a regular basis raises the performance level of your metabolism to its maximum level because it digests food completely and normalizes its working time to the maximum level. It make you burn more calories because the body’s natural calorie burning rate is accelerated.


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