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Stress Relief Technique

The mark of the geniuses, they say, is the power to manage the clutter.

Sometimes, the stress we feel each day is not really a product of actual events. Yes, most of it are yet there is a large percentage of unnecessary burden that we take upon ourselves. We are our worst enemies so it is just possible that you, yourself, are the one creating the daily stressors.

There is clutter in stress and in a way, the clutter itself is the source of stress. You may perhaps find yourself committing to things that you shouldn’t be accepting, say extra job in the office. Or you may be unable to find time for organizing things, even maybe your own office desk. And as most of us know, even simple frustrations and disappointments coming from ourselves and our immediate environment could yield the hardest blow of stress, all because we weren’t able to manage the clutter of stressors.

There are actually a lot of effective ways that could help you in your stress relief management. Among them is the removal of stress clutter.

This begins by organizing yourself. By living a simpler life. AND by starting to place things into their proper compartments.

Cleaning the clutter
Whether you have noticed it or not, mess really works not for you. Instead, it saps your sense of control on things and in a way, provide an instant source of confusion and stress. So that leaves you no choice but to start reorganizing your things and your way of living.

Simple measures such as regular cleaning of your room or your office table could mean a lot when you have other much stronger stressors around. Remember that you cannot afford more stressors than what you presently have via the people that you regularly deal or through the daily dealings you have to accommodate. So be sure not to let petty things add to your troubles.

Take a walk. Try to eat slower. Have more time alone.

There are things in life that should be taken slowly with their lighter handles. You don’t have to take all the toll of stress upon you. Sometimes, the easiest way to deal with things is limit their consequences on you.

Also, you can clean the clutter by setting your priorities right or by learning to say no to things that are possible mediums of stressors. If you think that what you presently have is enough, say the present work delegated to you, then don’t try to impress people by accommodating more requests of work. You can only take so much that going beyond your limitations could mean possible distractions and destruction.

Living a simpler life
Sophistication never works when you want to adapt well with stress. The best way to describe sophistication in relation to stress is the manner by which people could manage to cramp so much activity in their daily schedule. Twenty-four hours is more than enough to do all things one wants but you must remember to reserve some time for your rest and relaxation. Handling a number of complex activities at a time could decrease your production capacity along with your vigor and passion for doing even the things you like most.

You see, it doesn’t take much to help you live a more comfortable, more satisfying life. Simple stress relief techniques like cleaning your daily stress-manufacturing clutter and attempts to live an unsophisticated life could make the difference between genuine living and living a dead life.

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