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The Best The Secret To Successful Fat Loss

The Best The Secret To Successful Fat Loss

Why Skipping Meals is a Sin

Skipping meals to induce lesser calorie intake does not do you any good. All it does it slow down your metabolism, cause muscle loss and triggers the body’s starvation responses. Especially if you skip breakfast!

Skipping breakfast and making up for it during the day and then going to bed encourages your body to store fat because you are training your body to go without fuel for more than 12 hours. This invariably causes muscle loss and metabolic slow down!

Frequent Meals is the Secret to Successful Fat Loss

- Speeds up the Metabolism due to the Heat Transfer Effect of Food

Each and every bodily process requires energy " the pumping of the heart, breathing, blood circulation, food digestion and absorption, cell regeneration, thinking, even sleeping. Some diet and exercise programs refer to the process with an intimidating term, "thermogenic."

Some foods have higher thermic effects and low calorie density than others. Green vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, okra are some examples of food that have high thermic effect and low calorie density ' they can not be stored as fat because their calorie content are burned off just to digest them. For a successful fat and weight loss program, it is best that your diet consist mostly of foods with high thermic effect. The higher the thermic property of food the better.

- Inhibits Cravings

Eating frequently makes yourself less likely to have cravings because you always feel full and you do not suffer from a prolonged gap between meals.
More importantly, the bad habit of missing meals is detrimental to the cardiovascular system and is contributory to the escalation of atherosclerotic disease, high LDL cholesterol levels in the bloodstream and obesity.

- Maintains High Energy Levels

Frequent meals in small amounts and the right types of carbohydrates and lean proteins provide more energy and stabilize your blood sugar and insulin levels. Eating small meals every 3 hours keeps the muscle’s glycogen levels high and provides plenty of energy to fuel high-intensity exercise.

Eating carbohydrates in small and regulated quantities regulates the release of insulin because the more carbohydrates you consume, the more insulin the pancreas produce. Overproduction of insulin removes sugar from the blood and causes hypoglycemia which cause fatigue, intense hunger and cravings.

- Promotes Muscle Growth

Moderate and steady output of insulin is necessary for muscle growth and glycogen storage. The body’s regular and steady production of insulin to deliver glucose and protein amino acids to muscle cells for regeneration and muscle growth can only be accomplished by eating small meals more frequently instead of just 3 times a day.

- Prevents Muscle Breakdown

Skipping meals to induce weight lose is a misconception. What it will do is burn up muscle protein; cutting off the continual flow of amino acids by skipping meals makes the body literally eat muscle tissue to feed its amino acid requirements because the body does not have the ability to store proteins.

- Promotes Better Utilization of Food Nutrients

Eating more at regular intervals provides for more efficient utilization not only carbohydrates and proteins but also vitamins, minerals and virtually every nutrients food contain.

- Reduces Fat Storage

Frequent meals prevents the over consumption of calories. Since excess calories are always converted into body fat, a more efficient metabolism brought about by eating small frequent meals ensures the efficient burning of food calories, regular and constant distribution of glycogen and amino acids throughout the body preventing the storage of body fat.


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