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Are there any Nitric Oxide side effects

Nitric Oxide Info

Nitric Oxide Info

Here you will find the best nitric oxide info. Nitric Oxide has had a lot of interest in the past few years, but what is it supposed to do and should you take it or not. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator that opens up the blood vessels and increases blood flow to the muscles, the active ingredient in nitric oxide is L-arginine this is a non essential amino acid, arginine is readily converted to NO in the body. The idea behind NO supplements is so that when the blood flow increases it can bring a greater amount of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles causing a better pump when lifting weights and it can increase recovery and help with muscle growth.

Is there any scientific evidence to support these claims. 

There is little research to support these claims that taking a nitric oxide supplement increases blood flow which in turn helps with muscle hypertrophy, it is through all the hype that the supplement companies make you want to buy them. But on the other side of the fence, are the regular guys down the gym that have taken NO and said that they do feel the pump when taking NO and that it works really well for them.

Are there any nitric oxide side effects 

if I decided to take it anyway. Side effects from nitric oxide are unlikely from the doses that you will be taking from the supplement, some people have claimed that about sickness, diarrhoea and headaches but everyone is different so if you sick to the guidelines that are on the supplement label then you shouldn’t have any side effects but if you do start feeling some side effects then stop taking it and go and see your doctor.

So my advice

 to you is if you want to take nitric oxide then you should try it, but make sure you Stay within the guidelines of the supplement companies label, you may feel the benefit of this supplement or you may not, but if money is a factor in deciding on the supplements you buy then leave this one alone.

Some people believe that taking nitric oxide will give you bigger and stronger muscles this is not true, as with most supplements it will aid in your training to achieve your weight gain goal but it is not a miracle supplement.


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