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Bodybuilding Tips for Beginners

Bodybuilding Tips for Beginners

When you start out lifting weights or bodybuilding for the first, getting the right tips (for men and women) so you begin and progress in a safe way is highly important. You should start with a lean muscle and weight gain program which is made up of doing basic exercises in the gym and eating high protein filled meals, which are low in fat.

You need to remember that building quality lean muscle mass takes time. This is one of the basic success keys to bodybuilding. And knowing what to eat, how many calories to consume, and how many reps and sets to for a given exercise which will build muscle and not damage your connective tissue, is crucial.

If  you start out shunting heavy dumbbells around, you could injure yourself and regret it for the rest of your life!

I know this, because I am living proof.

Bodybuilding Tips for Beginners Or Bad Advice?

I started lifting weights when I was about sixteen, but didn’t workout properly until I was eighteen. ‘Always lift heavy weights and eat everything in site’ was the advice I was given by a couple of guys, who I immediately looked up at because they had these bulbous muscles poking out from all over their body – and that’s how I wanted to look, so I took their advice as being ‘sound’.

To cut a long story short, my weight shot up from a skinny 161 pounds to around 230 in under a year (I am 6 foot 3, by the way). I didn’t know any differently back then and I didn’t have the internet to search for bodybuilding tips and the bottom line, my ‘mentors’ were full of crap.

My nickname went from ‘Andy stick’ to ‘Andy Melon’! You can guess why – I looked like a water balloon.

But I was fortunate to meet up with someone about that time who was about to hit the pro scene.

He gave me some hard hitting, REAL advice and put me straight on my diet and my training. Before I knew it, I had slowly lost weight and looked in decent shape – I dropped down to around two hundred to 210 pounds. But by that time the damage had already been done to my joints and connective tissue.

I had been lifting heavy weights for every muscle group and it took it’s toll on my knees and my shoulders. Hence from the age of 25, I never squatted with a barbell again and I struggle to complete heavy sets of leg extensions.

So What Safe and Effective Tips Can I Give You As a Beginner?

Bodybuilding Diet Tips

A proper nutritional diet, consisting of high protein, low sugar and low fat, will pack on pounds of lean muscle mass (if your strength and training program is right for you).

Muscle is basically protein and water. And when you lift weights, you put stress on your muscles which breaks down the tissue fibers. To enable them to repair properly (and build of course), you need to increase your protein intake, which is not too difficult to accomplish.

Start eating eggs for breakfast, and if you can only eat sandwiches at work or college, have chicken, tuna or lean slices of beef in a high fibre bread, with a whey protein shake for dessert for additional protein.

Another beginner muscle building diet tip I would recommend for you, is to eat only clean or non processed foods. This typically means anything you can think of which grows naturally, or a meat or fish. Read my article on this subject titled – the best muscle building foods

You should also be certain you are drinking enough water. I cannot stress enough of how important this is. The average person requires around 2 liters a day. Without this volume your body cannot function properly – you will feel lethargic and dehydrated, and could at least cause headaches.

So as someone who is more physically active, your body will need more than this typical amount on a daily basis. Don’t panic if this is a new concept to you, just increase your intake by small amounts every day until your body gets the required amount.

Speaking of small amounts, this is also how you should eat your meals. Split them into four of five meals to start off, then increase this to six or seven. Included in this primary diet plan, could also be protein and carbohydrate shakes and bars.

You should also eat (if you don’t already), increased amounts of fiber in your diet. Now you have started bodybuilding and eating more food, your digestive system will be doing more work.

So you need to increase the amount of fiber in your diet. This is fundamental to your body functioning normally. You can easily do this by adding more fruit and vegetables to your food or by eating a bowl of bran flakes for breakfast.

Workout Tips

Lifting weights, reps, cardio, strength training – where do you start?

Ok, before you dive in and start lifting heavy weights and downing the best muscle building foods, please read this article titled – how to build muscle fast. Then come back here.

NB: I hope you found that article useful and it gave you a few ideas for your future in bodybuilding.

Your workout routine should consist of basic movements and be split into three or four days per week. And only do those exercises and lift the weight which suits your level of experience.

Also include a cardio day (when you are a little more advanced) and fit in a couple of abs sessions to your weekly training schedule.

Please do not attempt to emulate the routines of more experience bodybuilders, as you will probably end up tearing a muscle (which is very painful – I’ve done it!) or damaging joints (and you know I’ve already done that to!)

Also important here is to understand that bodybuilding is a lifestyle choice.

It may start out as a hobby, but I have to tell you – lifting weights, watching yourself grow and get leaner in the ‘mirror guru’, is a truly amazing (motivating and inspiring) experience. This will become your lifestyle.

So build a routine around your current time schedule, so you don’t over do it. Then you can go from there and increase your gym time over the next few months (and years I hope).

Now read this article on workout programs for men. It has some beginner bodybuilding and weight training tips for which you may find useful.

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I run for my aerobic exercise. You can run, walk, dance; whatever you prefer. Just be certain to do aerobics at least 3 – 4 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes each workout. If you are using HIIT or something on that order, obviously you will be spending less time getting in your aerobics.

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