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Build Muscle

How to Build Muscle Mass Fast

Trying to build muscle mass fast is like trying to drive a Ferrari all day long, without breaking the speed limit. You can’t and you shouldn’t try to!

Trying to build muscle mass fast is like trying to drive a Ferrari all day long, without breaking the speed limit. You can’t and you shouldn’t try to!

I can hear you gasp from right here, but the plain hard truth about bodybuilding is (no matter what you read elsewhere) that it takes time, dedication and patience to build a great physique.

If you try and build muscle too fast, you are at risk of injury from over training and causing your body even greater harm, by suddenly eating vast amounts of food.

Speak to any pro-bodybuilder and they will tell you the exactly the same thing.

However, there are certain steps you can take to increase your muscle mass over a period of say 90 days.

So How Do You Build Big Muscles Fast

There are several important factors to consider for maximum muscle gains and that is a proper muscle building diet, an effective weight training program and a lot of time to get bigger, while keeping bodyfat levels low.

1. Plan your complete program
2. Consume a high calorie diet
3. Put in place a workout program
4. Take the correct supplements, from a proven source
5. Track your results

Firstly, let’s talk about planning your weight gain program. This could be as simple as writing it out in a draft form, then when you have decided the actual’s for these 5 steps, either write it out again neatly, or better still put it on a computer spreadsheet.

Bodybuilding Diet to Build Muscle Fast

bodybuilding diet Next comes a high calorie diet. I am going to presume that you have an ectomorph body type, which means you have a lean structure, you have a fast metabolism and find it difficult to gain weight.

I will also assume that you have been working out for one year and have not seen great results for all the sweat, crying, shouting and hard work that you have put in and are still an average bodyweight.

For an average males (that’s you) metabolic rate at rest, you need to consume around 2,200 calories per day just to maintain your body weight while it is resting.

So it stands to reason that you need to eat more to gain weight, agreed? If you burn another 1,000 calories in the gym, then you need to consume an extra 1,000 calories a day, again, just to maintain your current body weight.

However, your goal is to gain muscle mass fast (remember 90 days!), so you must increase your daily food intake further by another 800Kcal or so. This would make your total intake 4,000 muscle building calories per day.

Now comes the science and plain old common sense. Let me explain.

If you’re gaining muscle mass at this level of food intake, without gaining bodyfat then your progress is right on track. But, you might not be at your maximum calorie intake!

If you have not gained an ounce of bodyfat, then you may be able to increase your calories further, and you will get faster gains. But this is where common sense must prevail, or you will hurt your overall progress.

Try adding a further 300 calories to your diet and if you make better gains, again without increasing bodyfat then you may be able to increase it further (by another 300Kcals).

But be mindful to track your progress, by ‘asking the mirror’ – just like in that kid’s story, Snow White! The mirror will never lie to you.

If you notice that you are increasing bodyfat, then cut back 300 calories and stick to that.

If you are anything like me, and I also have an ectomorph body type, you may be able to increase your calories as high as 5,000 per day.

But only eat the right food, and stay clear of sugary crap. Your diet should be high calories obtained from nutritional sources of white and red meat, whole eggs, oats and other high fibre grains, rice, small amounts of pasta and jacket potatoes, and include good amounts of fresh vegetables and some fruit.

How to Split a Bodybuilding Diet

Start out with 50% of calories coming from carbohydrates, 30% coming from protein sources and then 20% coming from fat. When you get to your maximum daily calorie intake, where you notice you are starting to gain bodyfat, alter these ratios to 40% carbohydrates, 40% protein and 20% fat.

This will then provide your body with a consistent energy source for gaining lean muscle mass. And always keep in mind that you gain muscle and burn bodyfat calories by eating right, not be eating less because you could lose muscle size.

Fast Muscle Building Workouts

free weights bench press The next step to building muscle mass is your actual workout.

Using the right equipment is important. You should primarily stick to free weights and forget about using machines so much. Building a big frame of dense quality muscle requires using basic exercises like barbell bench press, squats, deadlifts, rows and shoulder presses. Because you can use heavier weights.

And the heavier the weight you lift, the more stress you place on your muscles, so the potential for growth is greatly increased.

By using a combination of dumbbells and barbells, you don’t isolate the muscles which you are focusing on, but put an incredible amount of resistance on them the heavy weight and also on the neighboring muscles.

The result is that you gain muscle size and strength in both.

But here is the paradox. You should not steer completely clear of machines! You must use a combination of both free weights and machines to benefit from both, and really shock your muscles into growing.

For example, about every third or fourth workout for a particle muscle group, say chest – swap the flat barbell bench press to seated machine bench press. Or on shoulders day, swap military press for seated machine press.

Taking advantage of both of these tools is the best way to achieve maximum gains.

Machines do have fundamental advantages, aside the ‘shock treatment’. When performing exercises on a machine, stress is placed on the muscle throughout the whole movement.

If you were doing a barbell curl, when you reach the top of the motion, the resistance placed on hour biceps is greatly decreased because of gravity. You can combat this effect with an extra squeeze of the muscle at the top, but in my opinion this wastes far too much energy (I don’t bring the bar all the way up to the point of gravity forcing it straight down).

Now consider when you do curls on a machine. There is contestant tension and stress placed on the biceps, throughout the complete movement. Which means that you are hitting more muscle fibres, than you do with a barbell.


bodybuilding supplements You must also consider your supplement regime and be sure you are ingesting the right ones for your goals and be sure they are from a reputable source.

You can supplement some of your 40% protein intake with protein shakes, so the volume of your food is reduced. After protein I would recommend glut-amine, because of its ability to reduce fatigue in your body by blocking the chemical reaction of which happens through intense and heavy workouts.

Reduced fatigue means you can workout for harder and longer.

Next I would recommend ZMA, because of its ability to boost testosterone, recharge your body with essential minerals which you burn up and boost your anabolic state.

After that I would consider adding in a creatine cycle (about four weeks in), but ONLY for the remaining 60 days. If you use it over longer periods of several months, then you are wasting your time and your money because it become ineffective.

You don’t have to worry about losing size when you come off creatine either, because your body makes more of it for a about three weeks and then you’re almost ready for another cycle.

Other supplements to consider are Leucine and arginine amino acids (or just an amino acid combination), and also a cortisol blocker like Tribunals. You need to block the cortisol effect because it increases your appetite and instructs your body to store fat, which is what you do not want.

Rest and Recuperation is Important for Muscle Growth

Finally, but not least important is to make absolutely sure you get adequate rest and recuperation. This is something which people seriously over look in their program, and they should not under any circumstances.

Getting the right amount of sleep is vital to your health, not just your weight training program, so if it means going to bed earlier then you must do that.


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I run for my aerobic exercise. You can run, walk, dance; whatever you prefer. Just be certain to do aerobics at least 3 – 4 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes each workout. If you are using HIIT or something on that order, obviously you will be spending less time getting in your aerobics.

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