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How To Deal With Holiday Stress

Best Ways to Fight Holiday Stress

Sometimes when the holidays are fast approaching, you may feel unwanted stress building up on you; not only in Christmas, but also in other holidays. Actually experiencing holiday stress is common to many.

The start of the holidays unavoidably poses a challenge to your typical routine. At times, you think that things are going too fast and it's impossible for you to remember the things that you have to do. Impulsively, if you are unprepared, you get into a hiatus and subconsciously, your old routines are broken. This calls for you to gear up and look for some adjustments.

If you can't tolerate stress any longer, here are some tips on how you can enjoy the holiday season.

Be systematic, plan ahead: When ideas are racing around your mind and you don't know what to start first, get a pen and a paper, sit down and then write down all the things you need to get done. Having a list will help you remember what is to be done. From what you have written, decide which one fits in the occasion, what is cheaper and eliminate unnecessary and impractical things. Be organized! It's not good to run around in circles. Keep your list so that when new ideas come into your head, you can add it.

Let go of perfection and be realistic: Perfection is not the goal. It will only give you disappointments and false hopes. Be simple and do what is easiest for you. Don't fret so much about getting the best gift, having the best dress or party. Remember, it is not the perfection that will delight people, but the way you celebrate it honestly and with real emotions.

When your best-laid plans doesn't work out, don't mind it because being together with your family is more important. People will love you for being a person who laughs when things go wrong, somehow it will make you closer to them.

Sometimes, people also have unrealistic expectations during holidays, refrain from it. If you lower your expectations, you will appreciate even a simple thing and this will make you the happiest. So, change your perception!

Get physical: There's no better way of fighting holiday stress than eating healthy types of food and exercising. Boost your energy levels by eating a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, reducing alcohol and caffeine intake and physical exercise everyday. You don't have to go to the gym, exercise can be accomplished by just simply walking, jogging every morning, using the stairs instead of elevators and escalators, dancing , or anything as long as you keep on moving. This will help you feel better, stressed free, plus you can have a physically fit body that can add to your assets.

If you feel stressed because you could not control your appetite at holiday parties, you can eat fruits and drink water before you go out. You can also start meditating five minutes daily. This will create more time and space, and a restful awareness as though you are in a vacation and not in holiday rush.

Embrace the moment, enjoy: Be spontaneous and natural. Look for the delight and the unexpected. The holiday should be a time for relaxing and for fun. Don't dwell yourself in what people might be thinking of you. This will make you super stressed; just imagining things you thought with others negative opinions about you will spoil your day so stop that. If you are less self-conscious you will find yourself enjoying the moment.

Although holiday stress is normal, it is still better if you don't have it. These tips will help you eradicate this unwanted stresses and eventually celebrate the holidays happier. Enjoy your holidays!

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