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What Is the Mind-Body Connection to health ?

What Is the Mind-Body Connection to health ?

Stress has become a popular disorder today and has been blamed as the cause of many diseases. It has become a part of everyone's lifestyle, especially if you are exposed to a busy environment where conflicts, frustrations, disappointments and pressures won't let you sleep, make you nervous, mad and sick. It is impossible to be alive and live without stress nowadays.

When you are stressed and feeling down, have you wondered why you also feel so tired and muscle pains are suddenly all over your body? This is because your mind and body reacts simultaneously on whatever feelings you have.

Our mind and body are inextricably linked with each other. The mind's influence to the body has been known to medicine and science from its small beginnings. Their interaction exerts a reflective control to health, illnesses, and emotions. On the other hand, these emotions trigger a chain reaction which affects the body's blood chemistry, activity of cell and organs in the body and to the heart rate.

Stressful thoughts lead to the secretion of stress hormones that eventually slow down our natural healing capabilities. When you are stressed, the stress hormones generally limit immune responses. The most familiar of these stress hormones is the adrenaline.

Under stressful situations, these hormones sends your body in a state of arousal making your body react, your heart starts to beat faster, your blood pressures increases, your muscles contract, your metabolism speeds up, and you can feel adrenaline rushing onto you.

Sometimes when you are depressed, your energy suddenly falls down and you will feel worn out. This is because emotional and mental stress is the greatest energy drainer to our body. It wears down your immune system and eventually it causes illnesses.

Experiencing mental and physical wearing-out is common to stressed people. You will feel intense fatigue; feel lack of control and coolness over commitments; thinks negatively; you lose your sense of purpose and cheerfulness; sometimes it also affects your relationship with others.

There are recognizable symptoms when stress exceeds the body's capacity of handling it. These may be in physical, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive.

For physical symptoms, there are headaches, stomachaches, indigestions, dizziness, back pain, tight neck and shoulders, sweaty palms, restlessness and tiredness.

Emotional symptoms are, nervousness, boredom, edginess, loneliness, easily upset, crying and an overwhelming sense of pressure.

For behavioral symptoms; you can experience aggressiveness, excessive smoking, grinding of teeth at night, compulsive gum chewing and eating, inability to get things done, overuse of alcohol, and showing of critical attitude to others.

And lastly for cognitive symptoms; trouble thinking clearly, loss of sense of humor, lack of creativity, memory loss and forgetfulness, inability to make decisions, and constant worry.

Distress is the body's response to fear or danger, it occurs when you prolong your emotional stress and deal with it in a negative manner.

The body's response to stress is to adapt or react. You react to a demand put upon your mind or body. This response is popularly known as the flight or fight response. This is also the involuntary response of the body to a threat or danger. In this activity, the body secretes hormones that raise the heartbeat and release fuel of energy, preparing a person under threat to run or fight.

Stress evokes the fight or flight response. If you are stressed, you can't run or fight but adrenaline runs into your blood system. This may cause anxiety, hypertension, insomnia, heart irregularities, depression, excessive anger and hostility and heart attacks.

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