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The Best Muscle Building Foods

The best muscle building foods are completely natural and clean from processing, are high in protein and carbohydrates, but low in fat. I believe that the truth about gaining lean muscle weight lies within these sources, contrary to what many newcomers to our great way of life actually believe and follow.

These Are Your Typical Muscle Building Meal Sources

Protein: Chicken, steak, whole eggs, salmon, tuna and extra lean examples are white fish and turkey.

Complex Carbohydrates: Brown rice, sweet potatoes, rye bread and some white or basmati rice (because all brown is hard to eat for a lot of guys).

Fat: (contained in) steak, egg yolks & whole milk

As always, I speak of what works best for me, not what should work!

A lean muscle building principle which you should adhere to if you are a beginner, is to primarily think about consuming high protein foods and where you are getting them from, which contain the essential amino acids that your muscles need to grow.

After that, the carbohydrate and fat content of your meals will fall into place, particularly if you have a hectic lifestyle. Your main focus should always be protein.

Depending on your daily routine, it is not always as simple as planning a muscle building meal and getting it right. After years of a sporadic lifestyle, I found early on that what works best for me is to focus on eating high protein foods first, before the other components of gaining weight.

In my early years of working out, I worked in an office for up to nine hours a day and I also worked four evenings a week heading a security team in a popular local bar and nightclub. I did this for almost ten years.

So my lifestyle did not allow for a whole lot of meal planning, from the time I woke up to going to sleep. But I knew it was important to eat around the same times every day.

If your life is the same as mine was twenty years ago, what’s important is putting together a meal plan that you will be able to consistently manage and more importantly, follow through.

Think in terms of eating around the clock, relative to what fits your routine. If your work schedule is unaccommodating, and if eating meals at specific times is sometimes out of the question, it is important to fit in smaller, more convenient meals and supplement your carbs and protein with meal replacement drinks.

Eat Complete Muscle Building Meals Whenever You Can

Whenever possible, eat solid meals, containing muscle building foods like red and white meats, brown rice and to get your fat & fibre intake, eat vegetables sprinkled with olive oil on these meals.

You should place more emphasis on your regimented schedule (eating regularly throughout the day), than you do on the amount of calories you consume and where you get them from. Consistency is always the key to success.

If you are a young hard-gainer, you will need to consume more calories, than someone say my age, 40. This is because your metabolism is higher, meaning that you burn more calories than I do.

So in the first part of the day, make up your meals (wherever possible) of high calorie foods, particularly prior to working out. If you train about five in the afternoon, aim to have four meals before working out.

Once you get into a ‘groove’ of eating high protein, complex carbohydrate packed meals it will become second nature and almost robotic.

However, when I began bodybuilding, I thought that the way to bulk up and get big was to eat everything that came my way. But I quickly learned after training with an experienced top competition bodybuilder, that when you avoid sodium and fat, you can consume more nutritional food which is going to build more quality muscle mass.

When you are eating clean, unprocessed food it is easy to consume more calories and reaching 5,000 Kcals or more, is quite attainable.

So What are the Best Foods to Build Muscle

There are many sources you can find online, which are going to give you a general list of muscle building foods, but I want to give you something which actually worked for me at the peak of my bodybuilding and weight training career.

This is a real guide that produced results, not a list of what should work. Of course, your body may be different to mine, so take this and use it as a baseline.

Wake up 6.30am – 20grams protein shake

Meal 1 – Breakfast 7am

1 small cup oatmeal mixed with half water, half whole milk
6 egg whites & 3 egg yolks, scrambled on two pieces rye toast
1 cup of strong black coffee

Meal 2 – 10am

1 large chicken breast
Brown/white rice mix
Broccoli or asparagus
2 low fat yogurts

Meal 3 – 12.30pm

1 large chicken breast
Brown/white rice mix
Broccoli or asparagus

1.30pm – Protein drink 20grams protein

Meal 4 – 3pm

1 piece of steak
Brown/white rice mix
Broccoli or asparagus
2 low fat yogurts

Workout at 5.30pm

Meal 5 – 7.30 – 8pm

1 large chicken breast/salmon steaks
White rice/Sweet potatoes

Meal 6 – 10.30pm

1 can tuna
1 piece rye bread
Pepper Salad (Tomatoes, green & red peppers, onions, olive oil)
20g protein drink (depending how hungry I am)

(On the days where I worked both day and night, all as per above up to and including meal 4, then I increased the carbohydrates for meal 5 and 6 for additional energy for the long day).

Here is a bodybuilding food list.

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