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Weightlifting Programs

Weightlifting programs can be split into two real categories, either weight lifting to build muscle or to build strength. Since this blog is about free muscle building advice, and helping you with your bodybuilding workout routines (and diet), we won’t discuss the strength building side of things today.

Although, when you combine a results focused weight lifting program with an effective bodybuilding diet, you’re muscles will naturally gain strength over time (unless you are on a low carbohydrate and low calories diet).

I won’t bore you with the science of muscle fibers, supplement stacking and quirky training exercises. I am all about giving you, one of my valued readers solid training tips which can help you gain muscle mass.

But what makes me an expert I hear you ask?

Well, my answer would simply be this, ‘Twenty years of humping around barbells and dumbbells, using cable machines and working out with the top and most experienced local bodybuilders around’.

I even had the honor of briefly meeting Albert Beckles about 1990/91, which was incredibly motivating and inspiring for a twenty year old novice. I don’t remember why he was there, but when I arrived at the gym for my workout one morning, he was there performing dumbbell bicep curls with a very strict form and technique – something which I’d not seen before. I can still picture it today!

Ok, so back from a little nostalgic moment.

What you have remember about building quality muscle, is that it’s not any number of different weightlifting programs I could tell show you, or how much protein you must eat which is going to build your perfect physique. No, No, No!

Beginner Weight Lifting Programs Are Just One Factor
But what is going to pack on slabs of beef to your frame is exactly that – slabs of beef in proper diet, combined with muscle mass building weight lifting exercises and getting the right amount of rest and recuperation.

The gym aspects of building your monster frame are relatively straight forward. Always bear in mind that different things work for different people – bodybuilding is a science of performing reps and sets, using a combination exercises and benches, dumbbells and barbells and having a plan!

There is not one single factor which is going to add muscle to your frame, while keeping lean waist. Well, not unless you are genetically gifted! And if you were, you wouldn’t be reading this article in the first place because all you would have to do is walk into a gym, look at a barbell and gain an inch in chest size, after eating a banana!

Those guys made me sick twenty years ago, and they still do today – Lucky bat-rastards!!

So for me and you, it comes down to the tears, sweat and screams we shed in the gym for me to keep what I have already built, and for you to build what you want tomorrow.

I didn’t see the point of writing new weightlifting programs for you here, when I’ve already written a similar article. So I think this article titled workout programs for men is what you need to read, because it lists three workouts for you, which can put into practice TODAY and includes a simple abdominal workout at the end, which you should be using at least twice per week.

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