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Bodybuilding Workouts

Workout Programs for Men at home

Workout and exercise programs for men

Workout and exercise programs for men and women are usually set by the individuals goals, depending on several factors. Lets say that you are a healthy thirty year old man, who needs to make changes to his weight, increase your strength and overall physique.

Perhaps you’ve been told by your doctor that you need a weight loss program or you need fitness and muscle building tips, so you can look and feel better about yourself. Either way, I hope the following workout plan will help you achieve your goals.

There are many different workouts for men. Lets say you need a workout plan because you want to lose weight and tone things up a little. But, you don’t want to come out of the gym looking like Governor Schwarzenegger did when he was at his competition prime, but you wouldn’t mind looking a little more buff than the pudgy guy you are today!

So the first thing we will briefly cover is cardio and aerobic exercise.

For most guys, this topic is their worst nightmare, particularly if you’re not a huge fan of working out in the first place. But if you are someone who sits behind a desk all day long, or drives a truck for 8 hours a day, you should place getting regular cardio exercise as a primary goal in your workout routine.

This will not only help your weight training, help you to breath more easily and increase your heart rate (which increases circulation), but it will go along way towards improving your overall level of health.

Beginner Workout Routines for Men

As a beginner, you should start off with a full range of body stretches, then move on to a stationary bike for 10 minutes, pedaling at a  medium pace at a medium resistance. Build this up to 20, then 30 minutes or split the time between this exercise and a treadmill. (This will depend on your current level of fitness)

Weight Training Exercises

Next we come to the weights routine. Weight training is without doubt, one of the best ways to keep feeling great about yourself. I have been working out with weights for over twenty years and it remains a huge part in my life.

To start off, don’t use weights which are too heavy for you to lift as you could strain yourself or damage ligaments and joints. And believe me, if you do injure a ligament, it could be painful for a very long time!

Use a weight that you feel comfortable with, where you can complete 10 to 12 reps. If you already have a bit of knowledge, then I won’t try to teach you how to suck eggs!

This is the same workout that I have used for the majority of my life. I do a lot of variations of course, but using this as a baseline has worked out great for me.

It is split into three days. On day one we work chest and back. On day two it’s shoulders and arms, then on day three it’s legs.

Workout 1

30 minutes aerobic exercise

Chest workout

3 sets incline bench press x 12 reps
3 sets flat dumbbell flyes x 12 reps
3 sets peck-deck/cable crossovers x 12 reps

Back workout

3 sets wide grip pull-downs x 12 reps
3 sets narrow grip pulley rows x 12 reps
3 sets dumbbell one arm rows x 12 reps

Workout 2

Leg workout

3 sets leg extensions x 12 reps
3 sets leg press x 12 reps
3 sets squats x 12 reps on rack with barbell or preferably machine assisted squats (for safety)

3 sets leg curls x 12 reps
3 sets one leg standing curls x 12 reps
- 2/3 sets straight leg dumbbell bent overs (knees bent slightly) x 12 reps

If you have any back problems in the past, avoid this exercise and do more sets of the other exercises.

Calf workout

3 sets standing calf extensions x 12 reps
3 sets seated calf raises x 12 reps
2/3 sets donkey raises x 12 reps

Workout 3

Shoulder workout

3 sets side dumbbell raises x 12 reps
3 sets seated press (to front) x 12 reps
3 sets front raises x 12 reps
3 sets bent over raises (rear deltoid) x 12 reps

Arm workout – Biceps

3 sets seated machine/cable preacher curl x 12 reps
3 sets alternate dumbbell curls x 12 reps
2 sets dumbbell one arm concentration curls x 12 reps

Arm workout – Triceps

3 sets cable push downs x 12 reps
3 sets lying extensions with e-z bar x 12 reps
2 sets single arm kickbacks/vertical raises x 12 reps

Forearm workout – optional, but completes the arm workout

2 sets barbell wrist curls curls x 15 reps
2 sets barbell reverse wrist curls x 15 reps

Complete all three workouts every week. There is no need to stress your muscles more than once per week. Also add in the following abdominal workout at least twice per week.

Or if you are really keen, consider an additional aerobic workout once you’ve been working out regularly for about six weeks, and include this abs workout on that day to. (So you’re training four days per week, three weights and one cardio day)

Abdominal workout

3 sets of crunches x 10/15 reps
3 sets of straight leg raises x 10/15 reps (lying with your back flat to the floor)
3 sets of standing twists Or Russian twists x 12 reps

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I run for my aerobic exercise. You can run, walk, dance; whatever you prefer. Just be certain to do aerobics at least 3 – 4 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes each workout. If you are using HIIT or something on that order, obviously you will be spending less time getting in your aerobics.

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