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On this page you will be able to find a hardgainer diet to suit how much you weigh

On this page you will be able to find a hardgainer diet to suit how much you weigh, so you can get a rough idea of how much and what you are supposed to be eating. If you have ever read a bodybuilding magazine or a book about how to gain weight then you will have seen some of the 'mass gain diets' and diets to 'build muscle' here is an example of one:
Breakfast: Omelette = (3 whole eggs + 2 egg whites 100g vegetables 30g cheese), 225g porridge = (40g raisins 225ml milk)
Mid-morning snack: 30g beef jerky 12 whole wheat crackers

Lunch: Burger =(175g minced beef patty 30g reduced fat cheese 1 wholemeal bun 1 Tbsp. light mayonnaise 3 tomato slices lettuce leaves onion slices)

Preworkout: 1 scoop whey protein 1 large banana

Postworkout: 2 scoops whey protein with 1 litre milk.

Dinner: 225g grilled chicken, 1 medium baked potato 1 Tbsp light soured cream, 1 tsp butter 100g green salad leaves, 2 Tbsp. oil/vinegar dressing.

Evening snack: 225g low fat cottage cheese 30g almonds

This meal plan will give you 3530 calories, 260g protein, 393g carbohydrates, 102g fats.

It is a good diet plan as it delivers a lot of calories.
BUT... if you do work, then how can you possibly consume the amount above and fit it into a working day.

I personally have not got time in the morning to prepare and eat an omelette as well as porridge. When people put these diet plans together I think they forget about us hardgainers.

I would not be able to eat that amount of food in the morning as my appetite is not that big. I work on a construction site and have to be at work at 7:30am so I just have not got the time to do this. Also I only get half an hour for lunch so there is no way I could prepare and cook a burger or chicken in half an hour as I just do not have the time or facilities too cook food like that and I do not earn that much (unfortunately) to buy lunch like that every day. I do not think people who come up with these diets take peoples’ schedules into consideration.

This is why I believe that supplements play an important role in building the physique you want.

I have designed some example hard gainer diets that fit more around your working life. These diets are not exotic or amazing restaurant style food, they are plain standard diets that will help you build muscle.

You do not have to stick to these diets to the word because you may not like some of the food on the list, if that is the case then you can just re-arrange it and substitute in some similar foods you prefer.

You should go to the Nutrition for Athletes page and work out how many calories you need for your body and your activity level. Once you have done this then have a look at these hardgainer diets, these are just example so you can get an idea of what to go for.

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