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In today’s world, heart diseases are considered to be one of the leading killers of society. Many people know that heart diseases are caused by not eating the right kinds of food, such as too much fatty meat, and it is also caused by not getting enough exercise. However, you also need to consider that even if you eat the right kinds of food and even if you exercise, you still have a great chance of getting heart related diseases. So, what is another factor that can affect your heart and cause you to suffer from heart related diseases?

The answer to this question is stress. As most people know, stress is considered to be part of the daily life. You live with it at work, and even in your home, you will still suffer from stress. Stress is also known to be the greatest ager of the body, which means that the more stressful your lifestyle is, the more you will age quicker. You have to consider that people over the age of 40 looks a lot younger because they tend to have less stress. Also, people with less stress are less prone to heart related diseases.

Studies have found that stress is closely associated to catecholamines. Catecholamines are stress hormones produced by the body when you are stressed. The more of this hormone you produce, the more prone you are from heart related diseases. What this does is that it raises your blood pressure and also increases your heart rate. If you already have a heart condition, getting stressed means that you are getting much closer to getting a heart attack.

These is why it is important for you that you should change your hectic lifestyle and go for a more laid back, and stress free life. Although this is easier said than done, you have to at least try and live a more stress free life to protect your body from heart related diseases. You will also see that you will live a happier life if you have a healthier heart. Besides, it’s certainly more fun to play with your kids than staring at a blank ceiling of your room in the hospital.

You have to admit that you can never really get rid of stress in your daily life. From commuting in heavy traffic to your boss giving you a hard day at work, stress is definitely a part of your life. However, there are ways on letting go of that stress.

One of the best and also one of the most effective ways to get rid of stress is by exercising. Exercising helps balance your mood by encouraging your body to releases yet another kind of hormone. The hormone released by exercising acts as a stabilizer that can ease depression, fatigue and pain. Also, exercising not only exercises your biceps, triceps, or any other muscles in your body, but it also exercises the most important muscle of all, which is your heart. Exercising also effectively gets rid of fat in your arteries that will help in normalizing your blood pressure.

You can also consider going to the spa or attend a meditation class. Here, you can effectively eliminate stress and fully relax your body. By regular meditation, you will see that you will be able to manage stress a lot easier and prevent your body from suffering from heart related diseases. So, live a happier and healthier life by effectively managing stress in your life.

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