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Why Stress Causes Obesity

In recent surveys and tests, two out of three adults are overweight or obese. The fact that being overweight or obese can cause severe complications to your health, this kind of statistic can be very alarming. In fact, the United States has been dubbed as the fattest nation in the world. Obesity is a very serious disease that you should be aware of as it can affect anyone and anywhere and this kind of disease can lead to more chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart related diseases.

Another report is more shocking. Obesity today is so common that young people are also suffering from this kind of disease. Normally, obesity is diagnosed during middle age. However today, you will normally hear that young people in their 20’s are now suffering from this kind of disease.

The main cause of obesity is overeating. However, not many people know what the causes of overeating. It is very important that you should also know what leads people to overeat. First of all, you have to know that fast foods have been one of the main diets of people today. These foods are packed with salt and sugar that can contribute to gaining weight. And, the most important factor about this kind of food is that it is considered as comfort food that many people love to eat because it relaxes them and gets rid of stress.

By mentioning this, this will lead you back to that question on what causes people to overeat. And, the answer to this question is stress. Many people today, especially young people, are now living a hectic and stressful lifestyle. Because they live this kind of life, they tend to eat these so-called comfort foods to get rid of stress.

Stress can make you feel hungry even though you just ate. Because of this reason, you will tend to eat more portions and fast food chains are serving food portions that are high in fat, sugar and salt 700 percent larger than what is recommended by dieticians and nutritionists.

Over the past two decades, stress has increased in an alarming rate. Studies also found that along with the increase of stress, obesity also followed closely. Try and ask yourself about being stressed. After eating a hearty breakfast, you set off for work. On your way to work, you experience being stuck in a traffic jam. You will see that it will stress you out and it will also make you hungry an crave for food even though you just ate a big breakfast just less than an hour ago.

As you can see, stress is a large contributor to obesity. Because of this, it is very important for you to live a stress free lifestyle as much as you can. You can consider exercising as it can reduce stress or you can also try to meditate.

There is so much you have to change in your life today in order to avoid experiencing stress and at the same time, avoid gaining weight until you become obese. Through exercise and by eating only when you need to, you will decrease stress plus it can also decrease your risk on becoming obese.

Remember this and you will live a happier and healthier life. Defeat obesity by first defeating stress.

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