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Diet To Lower CholesterolHealth

Best free foods that lower Cholesterol

What is cholesterol? This dreaded cholesterol can be found in animal-based products such as poultry, fish, dairy food,

Cholesterol Free Foods

It is very much obvious that when you are fat, therefore you have high amounts of cholesterol; a low-fat diet is required. It will be helpful in lowering your cholesterol level. Eating a diet with high cholesterol might be delicious, but you could also get yourself killed.

What is cholesterol?

This dreaded cholesterol can be found in animal-based products such as poultry, fish, dairy food, and meat. If you limit or lessen your intake of these products, and ingest more plant-based food like vegetables and fruits, you have just given yourself a starting line in lowering your cholesterol.

Quickly switching dietary favors, from fat-saturated to low-fat food, will be difficult, and will be initially tastelessly shocking to your taste buds. But just because you are trying to take a low-fat diet that does not mean that you can only ingest bland-tasting food. In fact, you can still eat delicious food, but still with low fat value.

What should I eat?

Nowadays, there are modified eggs in the market. Thus, you can still take your favorite breakfast delights, such as eggs with these modified eggs for a substitute. You can cook for yourself a batch of cholesterol-free scrambled eggs. And better yet, you can add up some sauteed onions, mushroom, and green peppers for that added taste.

If eating morning cereal has become a part of your system, then you may still do so. Just make sure that the one that you take is low in sugar with lots of whole grains. They are still delicious, at the same time nutritious. And if you prefer a hot breakfast, you can take hot cereal by making yourself a bowl of hot oatmeal. The whole grains in these choices will help your body in flushing out those hated cholesterol from your body.

If you are a “dip” person, and realize that you cannot take your favorite dips anymore since junk foods are off limits, think again. You can still use your favorite salsa with vegetables. Salsa is cholesterol-free and it can be a dip for your tacos and quesadillas. Now that is one delicious Mexican treat! You could also combine your favorite cholesterol-free scrambled eggs with salsa, and it is like having your breakfast in Mexico!

Also, you can add garlic to your favorite marinades or sauces. Since garlic can lower cholesterol properties, it is very helpful. You can saute garlic in small amounts of olive oil and pour them in a dish of vegetables. Sauteed garlic with steamed carrots or green beans will be a perfect side dish for this meal. If you find mincing the garlic difficult or tiring, you can just purchase a jar of minced garlic at your nearest grocery stores. It still has all the properties of fresh garlic only that it is ready to use.

Almost everyone loves butter. It has this fine taste that is quite addictive. But since it is off-limits, you think that you may never be able to taste that delicious taste again. Wrong. You can still use cholesterol-lowering margarine that is available in the market. They contain no trans fats and are completely cholesterol-free.

There are even more food out there that you can still take. They contain less cholesterol, sometimes even no cholesterol at all, and they are still delicious and utterly tasty! Just because you are on a diet that does not mean that your taste buds will have to suffer.

Always remember, these cholesterol-free food still have their own share of calories, so it does not finalize that just because they are cholesterol-free, you can double your servings with them. You still need to moderate your diet, and make sure that you do not go overboard.

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