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If you browse through plenty of health and lifestyle magazines and other health and medical websites, you would surely come across with information that points out to cholesterol as the greatest health threat worldwide during the present time. Most probably you are now very much aware of the idea that portrays cholesterol as one of the most destructive demons that are out there to create massive harmful effects especially in terms of increasing the risk of developing heart related conditions that are almost always life-threatening. However, even with the vast majority of information spreading about the bad effects of cholesterol, there is something that you have to become aware of. That while there is cholesterol considered as bad, there are also good cholesterol's that help balance the harmful effects of the bad counterpart. They can be found in different foods and there are also cholesterol-fighting fruits.

These kinds of fruits are considered as natural heart friendly foods capable enough to control cholesterol without having to rely on medications to work on this purpose. One of the most readily available fruits that can fight cholesterol is the very popular avocado. You should be aware that this humble fruit that you can find easily in many stores and supermarkets as well as fruit stands is a rich source of monounsaturated fat that has the capability to raise the level of good cholesterol at the same time reducing the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. This is the main reason why avocado is considered as a natural cholesterol breaker. However, since avocado has high-calorie content, you should pay particular with the amount of servings that you take.

Berries especially blueberries besides being regarded due to its antioxidant properties are also considered as effective cholesterol buster. It contains the compound known as pterostilbene that works effectively in lowering the effects of bad cholesterol. There are studies showing that this nutrient contains the same cholesterol-fighting effects of a commercially sold medication known as Modalim. However, since there is still no widespread validity of this claim, it is still best advised to consume extracts of berries and not the fruit itself but there is no valid claim that prevents eating the actual fruit for this purpose. Just to be on the safe side, it is best that you start with the extracts of the fruit first.

Grapes are also great in reducing the bad effects of bad cholesterol; in fact this is one of the reasons why the popular grapes have been related to being a heart-friendly fruit. In association, red wines as you all know is made from grape extracts and so this explains why it is conceived that red wine is also good for the heart.

Other types of citrus fruits like apples and oranges are also nice options since fruits and veggies are considered as best choices to fight the bad effects of cholesterol in the body. It would be vital that you include cholesterol-fighting fruits as part of your daily diet plan. This is to ensure that you are far from experiencing the harmful effects of cholesterol in the human body.

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