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Free Bodybuilding Ebooks – The Good And The Bad

Free Bodybuilding Ebooks – The Good And The Bad

Many people use a search engine like Google to search for the term “free bodybuilding ebook” or other similar phrases.  They feel happy when they see a website which allows them to download a free bodybuilding e-book as they think that they are getting a bargain.  This is not always the case, however!

Many free bodybuilding e-books come with a “hook”, so this post is simply being written to make you consciously aware of what is probably happening:

The author(s) of the free e-book may ask you to give your e-mail list in return for the information.  There is nothing wrong with this as the author should get something for his/her time and effort.  Just know that you will be placed on mailing/newsletter list, so be prepared for several e-mails to come your way.  Depending on the author, there can be some very useful content in these e-mails so do not simply trash every e-mail you receive.  Within a few e-mails you will be able to determine if the author wants you to buy everything recommended or if the author genuinely wants you to get some quality information.  Of course, you can opt-out/unsubscribe anytime you wish.
The “free” e-book may not even come from the author.  Instead the e-book (usually in a PDF format) may have an individual’s affiliate link in the PDF.  You actually may have downloaded information produced by “John Doe” (the actual author of the information), but he gave “Suzie Smith” (an affiliate) the ability to “brand” the PDF free e-book with her affiliate link.  If you click one of the links then you would be taken to John Doe’s site through Suzie Smith’s affiliate link.  This way she would get a commission from John Doe and/or the the company handling the credit card processor.  Again, there is nothing wrong with this.  You just need to know what is going on so that you are conscious of it.
The “free” e-book may just be a big sales pitch.  If so, then delete the file and remove yourself from the mailing list if you joined one.
The “free” bodybuilding ebook may promote a certain supplement as the answer to all of your bodybuilding challenges.  Of course, take this report with some skepticism; and definitely talk with your doctor before purchasing any supplement or starting a new workout program.

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