Getting Your Fair Share of Exercise at Work

September 17, 2018
Getting Your Fair Share of Exercise at Work

While most people are aware of the importance of exercise, few people ever find the time. The pace of modern day life proceeds at breakneck speed and it is difficult to find the daily amount of time which is required to get the amount of exercise needed. However, it’s a great and easier idea to exercise at work; it helps you achieve two things at once. You exercise while doing the daily amount of work you are required to do.

Finding time to do go the gym when you have a full work day is difficult, it is especially more difficult when you have a family as well as other responsibilities to cater for once you are at home. The best thing to do would be to locate a 24-hour gym facility or one which is near your office which you can visit during lunch hours, before or after work. For those who can’t manage to do this however, it doesn’t mean that you should give up on exercise.

The rate of exercise at work will depend on various factors such as your job and the nature of what you do. The kind of work environment you have and the location will also matter. Certain people work in establishments where physical activity is required (e.g construction), other people work desk jobs and as such do not have as much opportunity to exercise. Certain things however can be done to help remedy these abnormalities.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Park further way from the door and arrive early so you have to walk further to your office and back to your car.
  2. Take the stairs instead of the elevators.
  3. Choose to use a bathroom that’s further down the hall or on another floor.
  4. Set an office timer to remind you every hour to get up and stretch.
  5. Buy a headset for your phone so you can walk around while you talk.
  6. Go out for lunch and walk somewhere (park, the mall, etc)
  7. If you live close enough (and the weather allows), ride your bike to work some days instead of driving.
  8. Look for exercise office equipment that allows you to stretch, lift weights and perform other exercise while at work.
  9. Sit on an exercise ball instead of your desk chair (for a while during the day). This helps to improve your posture and build muscle tone.
  10. Take time in your office for stretches, jumping jacks, jogging in place and other exercises that are easy to do in a smaller area.

All these method are very helpful means with which you can get the exercise you need while you work. You should go over the list time and again to see which ways you can incorporate exercise into your daily work routine and better your health. You should feel free to improvise and involve other variations of the suggestions which are listed here as a means of getting the right amount of exercise that is needed on a daily basis.

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