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Why Ab Exercise Machines Will Not Work

Why Ab Exercise Machines Will Not Work

Miracle cures for flat abs seem to be all the rage these days. Different variations of all these flat ab miracle machines exist and you can find as many of them as there are words in the dictionary. Despite this variety, the truth is that none of these machines which claim to give you chiseled, rock hard abs will work.

If you’re one of those who has tried these machines or who wants to try them out for yourself, there are two main reasons why these devices won’t work.

  1. They are not designed to exercise the full abdominal muscles correctly
  2. Our abs were not really meant to be flat

As soon as you have realized these two things, you can start looking at the issue of abdominal exercise from a practical standpoint and learn how to tone the muscles of your abs the right and proper way.

One thing you will need to realize when you really want to exercise your abs is that people are shaped differently from each other and this includes the shape of your abs as well. Certain people tend to have more rounded bellies than other people and in many cases; this may have nothing at all to do with fat, it’s simply the way we are shaped. It is also essential to note that the muscles of the stomach area are rather complex. Different muscles work together and if you tone them all what would happen was that your tummy would bulk up and not slim down.

Another thing about abs is that they can be toned all you want but if your body is covered with a layer of fat, your toned muscle will not show through regardless of how much exercise you do. Toning has to be combined together with a healthy diet as well as aerobic exercise and fat burning.

Here are some signs to let you know that an ab machine probably won’t work:

  • It promises instant results
  • It promises results no matter what you eat
  • It promises you don’t have to exercise other than the machine
  • It comes from a fly-by-night corporation with no real experience in exercise or fitness

Anything which sounds too good to be true when it comes to exercise and fitness, probably won’t work the way you want it to. You should be smart about the kind of exercise and fitness regimen you carry out , looking for a quick solution to your problems is not advisable and this is where most of those ab machines advertised to be “miracle workers” come in, they simply will not work. The way to getting the abs of your dreams is through hard work and patience; quick fixes simply will not work.

Certain ab machine makers will claim their products have been backed by scientific evidence but usually this is just a gimmick to score sales points with consumers. The basic facts will always remain true, ab machines don’t work and you’re better off not wasting your money and finding real devices that advocate a slow but sure process to getting the abs of your dreams.

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