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Try a Stability Ball for a Change

Try a Stability Ball for a Change

All equipment used to get in shape and stay fit is important to your workout and fitness routine. However, the stability ball is very useful and fun to use. Making it one piece of equipment you should not miss out on. Not only that, but it is also one of the less expensive ones that you can get started with right away.

To start a stability ball is literally a large ball, they usually come in different sizes, which are inflated. It is made of a heavy-duty plastic and can hold upwards of 700 pounds of weight. It is easier on the back and more comfortable use at times. Because there is a range of sizes, finding one that fits your needs should not be a problem and having varying sizes is a good idea also. Being able to use multiple balls for different exercises will be a definite advantage.

A few other names it is known by is physio ball or Swiss ball. Prior to this in the 1960's a toy manufacturer in Italy created the Gymnastic and two decades after that he came up with his company called Gymnastic and became the leading supplier of stability balls to rehabilitation centers and programs. These balls were used all the way back to the 1900's by physical therapists and by the 1990's professional athletes were also using it to condition their bodies and get in shape.

A major reason this ball is so popular is because anyone can use it and it is safe for anyone. It is safe because the sizes vary making it ideal for all shapes and statures. There is very little strain the ball will place on an individual, making it the perfect piece of equipment when it comes to rehabilitation, but also physical fitness.

Some of the clearest benefits are:

  • you can achieve proper alignment and balance. The exercises used will improve motor reflexes because the major part of the stability ball is balance.  
  • core stability will improve all the major muscles and body movement. These are the back and abdominal muscles that need this kind of work out.
  • of course you will have improved strength and endurance. All the major muscles groups are used making the stability ball great for an all over work out.
  • stretching is easier and more convenient on here. You can rock yourself into stretches slowly, with less chance of injury or pulled muscles.
  • you will be able to lose weight using a stability ball. These balls will help create a leaner and fit body through all the above mentioned way.

Stability balls have been used for awhile and will probably always be part of a balanced workout program. Of you have not gotten one already, go get one and give it a try. They will improve your work out, giving you the maximum benefits for all your hard work.

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