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Reading Food Labels Properly

When trying to eat properly reading the food labels becomes extremely important.  Even when you think you are eating correctly you may not be.  Sometimes what you think is one portion may actually be two or three portions.  Getting a food scale can help with this and realizing that when eating out, the portions are typically larger.  You can also keep track out what you are eating the portions you have consumed.  Always reading the food labels is important too.  Knowing what is in your food and how much to eat will make getting the portions correct a lot easier.

Understanding these food labels and what they mean can be confusing at times.  There are a few things to know when reading the labels is:

  1. The serving size on the label refers to how many servings are in the product and how much a person should consume of the product to meet that serving size.  The serving size also lets you know the amount of nutrients and vitamins your body will be getting from a particular food.  For example, if there are 2 servings in a container and the total package is 100 grams, then one portion is 50 grams.  This holds true with any product, it is simply dividing the number of servings by the total package amount to determine how much you should consume.
  2. There will also be a list of nutrients that the food contains.  This part of the label lets you know how much of the daily recommended allowances you are receiving.  Nutrients are usually based on a 2,500 calorie diet and a 2,000 dietary allowance. 
  3. All ingredients have to be listed on any product.  So looking closely at how many additives and preservatives there are will tell you how healthy that food is for you.  The listing goes from the main ingredients with the greatest amounts to the least amounts. 
  4. Some products will have claims on their packaging stating different important features that people are looking for.  Make sure to read the label anyway, just because it says it is in the product, does not mean there is a lot of it though.  Check the label thoroughly to make sure it has what you want or do not want.

Reading food labels does not have to be confusing.  Nor does eating correctly.  Always checking the labels and knowing what you’re getting and how much will make eating properly a cinch.  There is no need to waste precious time trying to figure out the food labels or what to eat.  Once you learn how to read the labels a simple glance at the product label will let you know everything you need quickly and efficiently.


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